7 Qualities to Look for A Travel Buddy to Enjoy Your Trip With

Traveling all by yourself is a distinct kind of fun, but there’s this famous saying, “Two is better than one.” There’s something so wonderful about relishing a happy trip with a travel buddy.

When you are traveling alone, you will experience the awesome advantages of having your ‘me time’. There are costs and hassles that are lessened, if not totally eliminated, when you go for solo traveling. On the other hand, there are tasks that are hard for you to do when you’re on your own while traveling. Although you know you’re quite independent, sometimes, some things are better done with a helping hand. This is definitely why it’s also a favorable thing to have companions during your trips.  

You can go with just one person or with a group of people, and call them your travel buddy or buddies. But the most important consideration to mind is that your travel mate/s will surely affect the quality of your trip. Since it’s not just you who will be traveling, these people who are with you will influence the energy of this trip and the degree of your enjoyment.

With that, selecting your travel companions must be done wisely. Especially if it’s a trip that’s special for you, you want to spend it with the right person or people. Here are 7 qualities to look for a travel buddy to enjoy your trip with!  

1 – Someone with similar interests as you

travel friends

You have a close relationship with your best friends and with your ‘favorite’ family members because there are a bunch of similarities that you share with each other. This makes you understand each other and enjoy being together.

While looking for a travel buddy, consider someone among these groups of connections. That person is somebody with similar interests as you. You have alike tastes when it comes to foods and cuisines. There’s no problem about choosing where and what to eat because they are fine with your choices and vice versa. That’s just one aspect. 

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More importantly, in general, both can relate to the kind of trip that each other has in mind. 

This allows you to easily create efficient and enjoyable travel plans. As a result, you will absolutely savor your wonderful time!    

2 – Someone you share travel bucket lists with

travel activity

Do you have a dream travel destination? A famous landmark you have always been wishing to visit? An extreme adventure you have been wanting to try? A week-long dream trip in a foreign country? Or anything like that? 

Think of picking a travel buddy with whom you share travel bucket lists. That means your travel goals mirror or are related to each other. Even if they are not exactly the same activities or places, your target travel plans could be in the same country or in the same genre! 

Tick off bucket lists with that travel buddy! See and experience that it’s even more fulfilling and beautifully unforgettable. It’s nice to have a sense of camaraderie that makes your trip more worthwhile. Also, it’s pleasant that a loved one witnesses you accomplishing your travel dreams. In the same way, you’d be glad and grateful to be there as your travel buddy checks off their travel aims with you! 

3 – Someone who loves taking photos and getting photographed

travel buddy

The best way to remember your travels is by living in their every moment. Nevertheless, everyone wants a tangible remembrance to bring home, hang on the wall, upload on social media and recall exceptional memories. That’s why travelers take photos! 

Expect that your trip will be filled with taking photos here and making poses there. Truth be told, it’s going to be like that for the whole journey. If you’re a lover of pictures as mementos, you understand this, and it makes you truly excited and happy. 

Given that, it would be the best idea to pick a travel buddy who loves taking photos and loves getting photographed too. They must not be a “killjoy” as some people say. It’s not necessary that they have excellent photography skills. The most outstanding attribute is that they are always on the go and game for shots! They don’t get annoyed or angry whenever you ask them to take photos of you. At the same time, you can take photos of them because they are ready to say cheese!

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4 – Someone good with directions

travel map

A popular traveler’s struggle is getting lost in a foreign destination. If you often face and find difficulty in this respect, you need a travel buddy who is good with directions. 

That does not mean they are locals in the place or that they have memorized the routes even before arriving at the location. This implies that this person is good and patient with searching for and understanding directions using maps and navigation apps. When verbally speaking with locals to ask for directions, this travel buddy grasps the instructions well. He/She also easily remembers paths and roads. They are reliable when it comes to recalling places. 

5 – Someone different but not so different from your personality

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Choosing someone with similar amusements is beneficial, but you also need to have some differences. To be specific, your personalities can be different but not so different. Contrasting attitudes click too! Sometimes, opposite personalities match as well. 

A travel buddy who has a lengthier patience than you will make a long line in the airport more bearable than it is. If your chum is more short-tempered than you are, you can be the one to handle booking problems with the hotel management. Say one has more creative juices than the other; your trip will be more entertaining and thrilling!

See. There’s also something good about being a little different from each other.    

6 – Someone who’s ready to try something new

travel buddy

It’s quite frustrating to have a travel buddy who says no to all things fun and new. Although you literally have a companion, you cannot enjoy it with them because they are not willing to explore and come out of their comfort zones. 

That’s why it’s best to pick someone who’s ready to try something new. They’re not too bold and daring but just enthusiastic and ready to make marvelous travel memories with you! As long as the activities are safe, they’re up for the challenge! 

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7 – Someone who cares for the budget like you do

travel money

Last but one of the major factors to note. Select a travel buddy who cares for the budget like you do. For sure, you have a certain limit when it comes to your expected travel spendings. The right person relates to you and fully understands you. He/She will do his/her best so that you will enjoy the trip without going (extremely) over the budget. 

They don’t force you to go for luxury escapes if you don’t want to and can’t do it. They ask and consider your thoughts and finances. Even when they have more money, they adjust for you. You can confidently and honestly discuss money with them as it is an essential in traveling. They are a friend who is sincerely concerned.

A travel buddy like this will make you feel relieved, unpressured and comfortable.



Every trip is filled with fantastic memories that cannot be replaced and exactly duplicated. They are always unique, different and special. To experience other countries, immerse in their cultures, taste their food, see their attractions and meet their people are truly precious. Traveling makes you do all these and many more. 

There’s no dull moment when you’re talking about relaxing leisure trips! Of course, everybody wants to travel around the world and experience the greatness that Mother Earth has to offer. What makes these lovely trips even lovelier and more memorable is having a travel buddy that enjoys these wonders as much as you do. Significantly, it must be someone that suits you and the kind of trip you’re looking forward to experiencing. 

There’s always a big bag or memories and remembrances created after each trip. It is indeed more delightful to look back to them with a family member or a friend who clearly remembers all those darling travel stories.

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