9 Handy best Tips For Lugging Furniture

lugging furniture

Carrying around furniture is never a piece of cake: millions of things can go wrong, and ruining precious furniture is probably one of the worst things that can happen. When moving furniture, there are a few points to keep in mind. First, carrying furniture is very different from carrying other items. Furniture is generally heavy and can have different sizes. Here are 9 essential tips for towing furniture.


The first rule of moving furniture is never to think it’s a one-person show. You should know that you not only want to protect the furniture and home, but you also want to protect yourself. In a house, there is always some furniture that is so large that two or even three people cannot carry it. So write down the number of furniture to be moved, the distance it needs to be taken, and divide the roles among the other porters.


Find out precisely what you are going to move to and where. Look for potential hazards such as stairs or a high threshold. Namely, the house may have a number of sharp bends, or a building may have narrow corridors or escalators. To map this out in advance, you avoid problems. It is also essential to think about where it will go so that you pack the items in the correct order.

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Protect the doorways

When moving large pieces of furniture, you may bump into doorways. By removing the molding on the doorway, you can create extra room to maneuver and prevent possible damage to the door.

Use the “L” method to get chairs through doors

Large chairs can often be “crocheted” through small doorways by turning the object on its side and sliding the long end of the L-shape through the doorway, then twisting to bring the other end through.

Move a sofa

If you ever have to maneuver a sofa down a hallway and through a door, it may be nearly impossible to carry it horizontally and get into the room. Before entering the hallway, place the sofa on its end and slide it towards the doorway. You can almost always hook it through the door. If the sofa is larger than the doorway, remove the top of the door, this will give you a few inches of space. Most importantly, use a sofa bag for moving to protect its exterior. If you want to get the best protective covering UK, you cant contact a professional and reliable company like Britwrap.

Protect furniture with blankets and plastic

Moving blankets come in handy for protecting your belongings during the move and keeping the house clean during the transition. In addition, moving blankets and stretch film should be used to protect furniture’s finish and delicate edges from being damaged during transport.

Taking apart furniture

Before you consider moving the furniture, take the furniture apart. Some are so big it doesn’t matter; however you turn, it won’t fit in the doorway. It is then best to disassemble the table and pack it in the correct boxes. Next, remove all knobs, drawers, shelves, racks, and legs. It reduces the furniture you have to carry and helps lug the furniture into the truck easily.

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Wear furniture the right way

Lift your legs and not your back! It prevents injury. It is also essential to bend at your knees and not at your waist. Both techniques help prevent unwanted physical stressors that could injure you or your fellow movers.

Don’t carry or drag; sliding is your best friend

Pushing a heavy object across the floor is more manageable than lugging it. Use sliders to do this. It’s easy to make your sliders from plastic container lids, Frisbees, bedspreads, moving blankets, towels, and carpet scraps. Soft padded sliders are best for hard floors, while rigid plastic sliders are best for carpets.

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