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Ruinsara Tal: Complete Guide

Pedestrians suppose you can’t beat journeys similar to Rupin Pass or Buran Ghati when it comes to great journeys. And they suppose it’s a bad kinsman when we speak of Ruinsara of Har Ki Dun. This is a major error. One of the stylish complete journeys we’ve seen is the Har Ki Dun Trek with Ruinsara tal journey.

It possesses great ancient culture, views of the mountains, timbers, nature, washes, gutters, aqueducts, and indeed an alpine lake. This trail Buran Ghati on the legs isn’t complicated, which makes it, particularly in comparison to other summer hikes, the right adventure.

A successful journey is perfect with the addition of Ruinsara to Har Ki Dun. One of the most expensive journeys you can do.

Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trekking Tenures Highlights

  • Mingle with the people of remote townlets like Sankri, Saud, Buran Ghati, Taluka, Osla, and Seema.
  • Witness the original and evil culture.
  • Enjoy a lazy walk on the meadows that compass the Morinda Lake

Time to Visit

Time to travel to Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek is in the summers (May – June) and Post Monsoon (September – October).

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Summer The rainfall of Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek remains restorative and pleasing during summers. The Himalayas are distinctly visible and the cool breath adds charm to the holiday. Carry woolens with you.

Post-Monsoon Serenity and solitariness are during post thunderstorms at Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek. The region is blessed with snowfall during layoffs. You can see the style of Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek during a post thunderstorm as it looks like Heaven on earth.

Where is the Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek?

Har Ki Doon Valley is a cradle-shaped vale in the Garhwal region of Himalaya, which connects the Baspa Valley with Borasu Pass. The vale is nestled at an altitude of 3500 m and can be reached during downtime season, October to March.

Neat and untouched meadows compass the lake. The lake is located on the foothill of Mt.

Day 01

Delhi-Dehradun – Mussoorie Coming to Dehradun, transfer to Mussoorie by road and move to a hostel. Night stay at the hostel.

Day 02

Drive to Taluka by Toyota Qualis. Taluka is a small village girdled by beautiful geography. Taluka will be the starting point of our journey. Night stay at canopies/ TRH (Tourist Rest House).

Day 03

Embark on a gentle journey to Osla. The trail goes through pleasing timbers of willow, groaner, and walnut. Walking along the gradational ascent will bring us to Osla Village. The ville is scenic and is located along a fast-flowing runlet. The camp will be set over then for a night stay.

Day 04

After breakfast, start the journey towards Har ki Dun. Starting phase of the journey takes us through remote townlets and the fields of sap and rice. Untouched by commercialism and ultramodern life, the joyous vill people still wear their traditional dresses and follow traditional cultures. Now we need to lift via the side of a crest located across the swash. A thick timber welcomes us and latterly gives way to a fascinating meadow covered with flowers and unfolding sauces. Regale and night stay in canopies.

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Day 05


The whole day we will be at Har-Ki-Dun. It’s principally for rest, adaptation, and the disquisition of beautiful geography. Everybody is free to pursue anything – go on your particular disquisition stint hard, indulge in nature photography, or just rest at the campground. Night stay in canopies.

Day 06

Following breakfast, start the journey toward Debshu Bugyal. It’s positioned, precisely concealed, between a crest and the left wall of a vale. Will have lunch in the way. Regale and night stay will be in canopies at the Bugyal.

Day 07

Debshu Bugyal-Ruinsara Tal (3500 m/ 11480 ft) (16 kms/ 5-6 hrs)

Early morning I started the journey towards Ruinsara Tal. The journey from Debshu Bugyal to Ruinsara Tal is truly graphic. We’ll pass through terraced mountain fields, lush green ranges, and conifer timbers. The pitch is moderate and we will complete the journey in5/6 hours. Campground by the side of the lake. Night stay in canopies.

Day 08

Ruinsara Tal

It’s a day for relaxation, adaptation, and discovery. Take your camera and prisoner nature at its stylish. Or just lay by the side of the lake, fully immersed in contemplation in this mesmerizing position. Night stay in canopies.

Day 09

Ruinsara Tal-Osla (18 km/ 4-5 hrs)

Have breakfast and start touring back to Osla, which is 18 km down. It’ll take around 4/5 hours. Regale and night stay in canopies.

Day 10

Wake up beforehand, finish breakfast and start the journey towards Taluka (3/4 hours down). From Taluka, drive back to Dehradun. Check-in to a hostel for a night’s stay at Dehradun.

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Day 11

Dehradun – Delhi

Take breakfast and move to the road station to board an AC train for Delhi. Appearance at Delhi by autumn.

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