Best 15 Budget Friendly Himalayans Treks


The Mountain range is a mountain range in India and neighbouring nations.  The mountain ranges of the Himalayas do have a lot of tallest peak. The Himalayas are a popular vacation location because of the activities that can be done on these peaks, such as hiking, mountaineering, ballooning, canoeing in streams, and viewing gorgeous waterfalls. Take such a tour to experience pure extravagance and to learn about the great range of animals and plants. This Cost Friendly Himalayan hikes are ideal for any passionate trekker looking to organise a vacation.Take in the incredible wonders that our own nation has to offer. In the alpine woods, stroll over carpet of green spreading, blooming flowers, or dried brown leaves, refresh at magnificent abodes of nature, and make a lifelong memory with these trekking sites.

On your next journey to these Himalayan locales, take in the most conspicuous and spectacular mountain peaks. On your route, take the famed steep village walk or listen to the lovely sounds of the numerous holy rivers.

 Here are the names of the budget friendly trek which you can enjoy in the himalayas.  

Kedarkantha trek

Sandakphu trek

Valley of flowers trek 

Chopta Chandrashila trek

Kauri trek

Har ki dun trek 

Hampta pass trek

Roopkund trek

Bhirgu lake 

Great lakes of kashmir trek

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Pangarchulla trek 

Idrahar trek

Chandrakhani trek

Deo tabbi trek

Kasol kheerganga trek

This trek list will take you into heaven and will give you an experience which you cannot forget throughout your life. The scenery will catch your heart and you will wish to stay there forever as you are away from all the noise, tension, work and the city life where you cannot get a free time to rest and can enjoy the nature or the sky which you can see in the city. 

Kedarkantha trek 

Among the most affordable Himalayan hikes, it features unspoiled scenery and stunning camp sites. In India, the Kedarkantha trek may be your best chance for winter trekking. On your hike, walk across a mat of brown foliage and meander through lush green pine trees. 

 The hike is amazing because you get to see the huge Himalayas from the heights. Maximum Altitude

The Kedarkantha hike is over 20 kilometres long and reaches the maximum elevation of 12500 feet above sea level.

Level of Difficulty

The Kedarkantha summit is not very high in height, and the journey is moderate to low in difficulty, making it suitable for beginners and inexperienced hikers.

The greatest time to visit Kedarkantha is during the winter months, from Late spring To early, when the entire area is blanketed in fresh snow.

Kedarkantha Trail is a fantastic trekking destination in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal area. The hike begins in the town of Sankri and provides views of 13 Himalayan peaks.

Sandaphu trek :

¬†Sandakphu is another one of those stunning locations that is a joy to hike through. The world’s tallest summits, as well as the 4th and 5th highest peaks, are all found here. Atop Sandakphu peak, the colossal massifs peaks Himalayas (8848 m), Kanchenjunga (8586 m), Mt. (8516 m), and Makalu (8463 m) could be viewed.

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Aside from these, a variety of peaks and clusters in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan may be photographed. Because mountains know no bounds, you may camp on your Sandakphu hike with portions in Nepal and portions in India. This journey, on the other hand, offers expansive vistas of woodlands, rhododendrons, and magnolias.

Kasol kheerganga trek:

The Kasol-Kheerganga Trek is among Himachal Pradesh’s most soul- satisfying downtime hiking locales. This trek will offer you a lot of great scenery at the night time as well as the morning time and will let you fall in love with the nature. This trek will offer you to see snow covered mountains. These place is situated at a peak in the parvati vale of quarter of the kullu. For this trek two days are enough.

 Kheerganga Trek Highlights 

 You can visit the beautiful Himachal Pradesh for this.

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