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Burglary – this is how you protect yourself

this is how you protect yourself

Being involved in a burglary is unpleasant and offensive, and in most cases, you get rid of something valuable from both a financial and a personal perspective. But how do you best prevent a burglary? Which burglary protection gives the best effect, and what is good to think about before you buy a burglar alarm? And is there anything that deters the burglar?

Burglary and statistics

During the last ten-year period, the total number of reported home burglaries has decreased by 26 percent. The decrease that is closest in time is probably the increased homework. This is because the vast majority of burglaries, approximately 63 percent, occur during the day. But even fewer trips both on weekdays and on holiday are factors that have affected the latest.

On the other hand, what has contributed to the long-term reduction is, among other things. A greater focus on obtaining information for increased awareness, that there have been several new technical aids to prevent burglary and that the Police have invested resources in improving crime coordination. But as we now approach the darkest season of the year, the risk of burglary also increases. November is closely followed by December and October, namely the months when the Police receive the most burglary reports. Therefore, it is a good idea to review your home and secure it against unwanted visits.

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Who is behind the burglaries?

According to the Police, organized crime, so-called gangs, is behind 70 percent of burglaries in Tampa. That it is leagues that commit the burglaries is clear because many burglaries often move like a wave through the country. The remaining 30 percent is committed by thieves who commit burglary alone and occasional thieves. Burglary is more common in houses than in flats, and the most significant proportion of burglaries occur in metropolitan areas.

What discourages burglars?

Is there mail in the mailbox, is there a car in the driveway, does it look removed and tidy if you look in through a window, or is breakfast left on the table? Sure, some things can deter a burglar. The thief primarily wants to avoid being seen or disturbed during an ongoing burglary. Thieves also prefer houses that are easy to get into. But with a bit of preparation, you can make your home more burglar-proof.

Tips to reduce the risk of burglary

  1. Ensure you have approved locks on the front door, basement entrance, and patio door. Also, install burglary protection for windows, so-called window locks, on the windows that are reached from the ground. To install high-quality locks, get in touch with a professional Locksmith in Tampa.
  2. Remember not to have ladders or tools in the garden to help the thief break in.
  3. Also, remember not to have keys, wallets, or valuables near the door and window. It will be an easy change.
  4. Lock the door even when you are at home. Unfortunately, 25% of burglaries occur even though someone is at home.
  5. Use a timer and let the lights in the home light themselves at different times, so it looks like you are at home. Also, let the radio start with the timer at certain times to hear from inside.
  6. Join or start Neighborhood Cooperation in your residential area.
  7. Install an approved alarm.
  8. Good outdoor lighting or lighting with a sensor can disturb the thief and interrupt an attempted burglary.
  9. Are you or are you on holiday? Think before you check-in at different places or share your photos on social media. The more established burglars or leagues have control over social media. Review your security settings on Facebook and Instagram. You just want your friends to see the information you share.
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Which burglary protection gives the best effect, and what is good to think about before you buy a burglar alarm?

Burglar alarm

Installing an approved burglar alarm can be costly, but according to the Police, it is strong burglary protection that reduces burglary by a third. There are many different players in the market with a plethora of options so start by researching which alarm is suitable for you. Your insurance company often works with an alarm company, so it may be a good idea to contact the insurance company before investing in an alarm. It can also be a good idea to review your home insurance to see what it covers in the event of a burglary.

Burglary in apartment, basement, and storage

Many people who live in apartments also suffer from burglary in basements or attic storage. Remember never to store valuables in these spaces, but do not leave them visible to the thief if you need them. Instead, write down what you store in your basement/storage, and it will simplify if a burglary occurs, and you must report the damage to your insurance company.Many people who live in apartments also suffer from burglary in basements or attic storage.

The burglary is a fact – what do you do?

First of all, call 911 if you catch the thief in the act. If you feel that you could do it, it is permissible for you as a private person to arrest and detain a burglar until the Police arrive. Alternatively, you can scare the thief by shouting. If the intruder leaves, you can follow from a distance and at the same time keep in touch with the Police.

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However, think before you intervene during an ongoing burglary. It isn’t easy to know what reactions you will encounter because you do not know who you are dealing with and what he is in for the condition. You can also photograph the thieves and any unknown cars or people on the street to make it easier for the Police to identify those involved in an arrest afterward. If you come home to an already completed burglary, call the Police, then contact your insurance company. Touch the home as little as possible so that the Police can conduct a full crime scene investigation.

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