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Must read before changing WordPress Theme successfully

WordPress Theme


By the way, it is said that whether it is a blog or a website, the theme that you have used once, then the theme should not be changed. Yes, it is definitely that the same WordPress theme should be updated. Still, we sometimes change the theme due to boredom. And this is a good way.

If you have ever used WordPress, you must have changed the WordPress theme at least once in your life.


If you haven’t changed your WordPress theme yet and this is your first time, even better.


One of the great features of WordPress is that it makes it very easy for users to change themes at any time.

Changing the WordPress theme is just a few clicks away from you, here we are telling you to change the WordPress theme successfully in a completely safe way.


In this article, I will share with you a checklist of things that you should remember before successfully changing the WordPress theme.


All the steps mentioned in this post can be critical, so go through the theme changing process smoothly, otherwise, you may lose important data on your site which you don’t want to lose at all.


So let’s start and know that before changing the theme there are 13+ steps that we cannot avoid even if we want to.


Topics to focus on in the current theme

Many WordPress users visit the web to find solutions to their problems.


Often they find those solutions in the form of snippets that they manually add to their themes such as functions.php or some other file.

In this, at the time of creating the site, you should also note the Google Analytical Code, Google Console Verification Code, Google Adsense Code, etc.


Since these changes are minimal, people tend to not remember them.


Go through the most important files in your theme and make note of all the extra code you’ve added.


You should also check your site’s current load time speed so that when you change themes, you can compare the two.

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You can use Google Page Speed ​​Site to check the load time speed of your site.


One more thing to keep in mind is that not only speed test the homepage but also test different pages so that you can get a better theme for your blog and business website.

Pay special attention to the theme sidebar

You need to make sure that your new theme widget is optimized.


Using Sidebar Widget is really very beneficial so most of the users use it to customize it.

The sidebar is probably the most user-customized area of ​​WordPress sites I’ve visited. People make many changes, such as adding custom text, images, videos, gifs, links, ads or other post widgets, comments, tags, and other widgets.

If you are using a widget-enabled theme. So you should select a similar theme which has all these widgets. Then it will be very easy.

If you are using a widget-enabled WordPress theme and are going to continue, this is not a big problem.

Plus anything you modify in your old theme’s sidebar.php file will be overwritten. So make sure you add those codes to the new theme sidebar.


remember tracking code

Most bloggers use Analytics in some form or the other, be it Google Analytics or other services.

Not many of us use plugins to add tracking codes.

Some of our themes have a place to enter an AdSense code. Whatever your case, make sure you copy and paste your tracking code into your new theme.

This is one of those things that users usually overlook because it is so easy that most of us forget it.

Backup is the only guarantee of the security of your data

When you back up the entire site, you have nothing to lose.

Because you can never be more secure in the online world. That’s why it is very important to take a backup.

There are very few cases where all the data of a blogger is deleted, but if you are prepared for the impending danger, then you will be able to deal well and your hard work will not go in vain.

So whether you change theme or change hosting, you should back up 101%.

You can use plugins like Updraft+ and Backup Buddy for backup.


Maintenance mode at the time of work on site

You absolutely would not want your user to see a broken theme when you change the theme and do other settings.

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So whenever you make this type of setting, activate the maintenance mode for 15 to 20 minutes.

After this, when you feel that everything is working properly now, then disable the maintenance mode.

Do the same when changing themes, activate maintenance mode for 15 to 20 minutes and when theme setup is complete, you activate the theme by disabling maintenance mode.


Check all plugins and functionality.

Once you have activated the new theme you need to make sure that all the functionalities and plugins are working well or not.

You know we made a list in Step 1, now it’s time to use it.

Check that list and see if all the settings are working the same way in the new theme.

If you haven’t made a list, go back to the old topic and make a list of the important elements.

These essential elements can have the following points:-

Single post page


404 page

Archive page

Contact page

Make sure all your widgets are still there and working properly.


In plugins, all you need to do is to see if the interface and functionality of all are working properly.

All browser compatibility check

Check your site in all browsers that have access to your site.

For this, you can check your site on all those browsers by extracting the data of the browser from Google Analytics.

That is to say, if you get traffic from the USA then you should check your site on internet explorer and safari browsers.

Because every browser presents the site to the users differently, so if you are thinking of changing the WordPress theme then you must check browser compatibility.

You can view your site in the following browsers:-

Google Chrome

Mozilla firefox

Opera web browser

Safari web browser

Internet Explorer


Customize third-party items.

If you are using Google Adsense or any other advertising company that allows you to customize them then your first condition is to optimize them.

For example, your previous site theme was red, so your Google Adsense links were colored red.

Now if the links in your theme are blue, then you also need to take into account the color of the links in Google AdSense.

You have to do the same thing with sidebar widgets, Twitter widgets, Facebook-like buttons, etc because color combination is very important.

Get help from the user.

Once you have completed the complete setup of the theme, disable the maintenance mode and write a quick blog post for your users.

In which you have to ask them that if you see any bug then tell us by commenting or mail us by taking 1 screenshot.

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Because in 15-20 minutes you cannot detect all the errors and bugs at all.

So, ask them through your quick written blog post that if you are facing any error in the consumption of content, please share a screenshot of this issue with us on Instagram and Facebook page, etc.

If they say that everything is fine then you don’t need to worry about anything and if any problem is found then try to fix it as soon as possible.

If you delay in resolving it, the website traffic may also get affected.


Do not use additional plugins.

Nowadays Themes are coming with many features.

For example, if you use the Magbook theme or any other standard theme that has a breadcrumb feature, you won’t need to install a separate plugin to add breadcrumbs.


Remove any plugins you don’t need from your site.

But it is also true that plugins are also very beneficial for our site, so what you should do is remove the extra stuff and don’t miss out on the essential elements too.

In this situation, you use plugins which are all in one like suppose you have to create XML sitemap for WordPress and also you want to do SEO then you can use Yoast SEO Plugin.

Keep crosschecking step by step

Right now you’re working with a new theme, so you have to do everything very carefully.

So you make small changes and check after every chance that your site is working properly in all browsers or not.

When the theme is working properly even after making small changes, then you can apply major changes.

It is very important to understand the structure of the new topic, only then you will be able to understand the exact problem of the topic.


Now test the site speed again

Now compare the speed test data taken by you while creating the checklist in the first step with the new topic.

See what kind of results are visible in front of you.

If you get good results then it is a very good thing and if the result is not according to your mind then you need to improve.


If you liked this post then do share your thoughts with us in the comment box so that our team is happy and my guide team keeps bringing you such useful content.

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