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Why is it important to know these common blogging mistakes?

blogging mistakes

In today’s post, we are going to know which blogging mistakes should not be made by every blogger who is making a new step in the blogging industry. We know how important it is to have patience in blogging and unless we make mistakes, we will not learn. Now it is not necessary that a mistake was made by us, we should also learn from the mistakes of others and save our precious time. That is why in today’s post we are going to talk about 10 such Blogging Mistakes which you have to avoid 101% in Blogging Journey. So let’s start and know what is on the 1st position in Blogging Mistakes:

Blogging Mistake No.#1

Wrong Niche No Niche is wrong but it might not be right for you, it depends on what level you are at now. If we are starting from zero then it is better that we give time to it and choose a good blog topic. Avoid choosing a niche with high competition because in such a situation you will not be able to rank and then complain to others that why we are not ranking. Choose any one specific topic and become its owner. For example, SEO is a niche that is huge because it includes: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO Etcetera. If you go to become an expert in all, then it may take you a lot of time, then it will be better to try to become an expert in the short term.

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Blogging Mistake No. # 2

Lack of planning or strategy. Many website owners lose because they do not have any planning and strategy. He sees that A website is ranking for this keyword then I can also rank that foot. He forgets his topics and sits down to write something else. Why do we forget this, our aim should not only be to rank but to help people.

Blogging Mistake No. # 3

Lack of time It’s all online here, remember the keyword you’re trying to rank on is the same ten people who are doing this, do more research and beat them. My point is that the more time you give, the more you will learn.

Blogging Mistake No. # 4

Not analyzing the website. Whether you adopt any strategy or find any number of Low Competition Keywords, you will rank for some time. But will go back down because here the website has not been analyzed, you do not know which keywords you are ranking. Which keywords are getting impressions, which keywords to optimize will get impressions etc. For the measurement of Daily, Weekly, Monthly websites, use tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and Heatmap.

Blogging Mistake No. # 5

Do not keep an eye on the competitor. This seems to me to be a solid mistake because unless you look at your competitors, how can you do better than them? If you say that my content is the best when you do not know what your competitors are doing, do you know that they are doing better than you? When you say you are the best, you are loving your website. If you do not know who your competitors are, then simply you have to enter a keyword in Google on which you want to rank and see which website is ranking in SERP. They are all your competitors.

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Blogging Mistake No. # 6

Walk alone Initially I felt that I do not need anyone. I can move forward alone, but it is not so, here you can learn and learn more by taking everyone together, then remove from your mind that you are alone, create a community, talk, build good relations.

Blogging Mistake No. # 7

Afraid to invest Yes, it is true that everyone is afraid to spend money because you are new. You don’t know what will happen next, am I being deceived somewhere. So actually it is! This platform is the only one to which you alone are entitled and responsible to buy any tool, use paid theme. You can do it, there is no hesitation in it.

Blogging Mistake No. # 8

Cursing Your Purpose There comes a time when you see that nothing is being achieved and then you start taunting your own purpose. This is normal. You should believe in your work or else you will start losing what you are. This can be quite time-consuming if you wonder why it is not happening sooner then you are making yourself miserable.

Blogging Mistake No. # 9

Afraid to innovate. This is a very common mistake but it can teach a lot. Always new bloggers are afraid to do something new, they have a thought in their mind that if something goes wrong then what will happen. This has happened to me, I am a sure victim of it. From this mistake, I learned that I spent a lot of time learning the work that was nothing, that too just because of the fear of what would happen if something went wrong. I kept getting scared and that work kept scaring me.

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Blogging Mistake No. # 10

Do not promote the content. New bloggers think that they have published the content and now they have won, then it is not so. You can’t just rely on search engines. You have to go to the people yourself until they come to you, learn content marketing, learn social media marketing and promote the content.

So, friends, I have shared with you some such Blogging Mistakes that every new blogger does. If you are also a new blogger then you must avoid these mistakes. I hope you liked this post. If you like to read such content, then please bookmark our website. Thank you.

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