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Complete knowledge of Metaverse concept is here. what? how? And why?

Metaverse concept

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the transformation of every activity of human life in the world into a digital space. In this concept of the metaverse, people will interact with each other in the digital space as people in this world do. The Metaverse will be a world where you have an identity. Meaning you will have an avatar in the world of the metaverse. You will control this avatar yourself.
Metaverse can be used everywhere. Like in some popular games, we eliminate our enemies through our avatar. And we win by achieving our goal, for which we also get some reward. In the same metaverse, we will be able to complete everything from meeting to talking to each other through just one avatar.

What will we do in the metaverse?

Here if you want to attend a live meeting, then your avatar will be present here with the avatar of other people like in a video game. And this will be different for you than a concert in a video format. Here you will be made to feel that you yourself are part of that live concert through the Metaverse device. There you will be enjoying the avatar of other people. In which you will also talk, sing songs, have fun, earn money, etc. will be able to do almost all activities. Here you will be able to do everything sitting at home in the digital space through your avatar.
There are many different technologies used in the metaverse. The concept of Metaverse is here in the digital space, people can live with each other and even tour other countries.

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How is the metaverse different from today’s technology?

The metaverse is a virtual space like this world. Just like you live your life in this real world, in the same way, you can do everything in the metaverse just like in this real world. When the Internet was introduced in the world, most things were in the format of text. Which we call Web 1.0. After this, the technology changed and we got Web 2.0, which is still present. Audio, video, 3D, 2D, are also available with text in Web 2.0.

Now what will come after Web 2.0, this is where the story of Metaverse begins. This story is being named Web 3.0. In the world of Web 3.0, it would not be wrong at all to say that we will probably enter the world of Metaverse in 8-10 years. In those days the way of using the Internet will completely change.

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