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How to Clean SPC Flooring? – Best Way To Clean

To keep SPC floors hygienic, consider implementing a no-shoes policy. This will keep the floor free of dirt and dust that collects from the outdoors. Additionally, consider mats, carpets, and runners to prevent floor dirt and scratches. However, latex or cocoa fiber mats may damage the surface of the floor. Finally, always take your shoes off and avoid scrubbing the floor with a dry mop.

Using a steam mop

Using a steam mop to clean SPC flooring should be a last resort. The adhesive underneath SPC vinyl plank flooring can be damaged if the surface is exposed to high temperatures. Some glues are resistant to up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but others aren’t. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid using a steam mop. To be on the safe side, always test a small area before going for the full-scale cleaning.

Firstly, you should make sure that the water you’re using is warm and not too hot. This will ensure that the water does not scratch your floors. If you want to use vinegar to clean your floors, use equal parts of water and soap. Dip the mop into the bucket and wring out excess water. Next, wipe the floor with a microfiber cloth. Then, rinse again, and repeat the process.

Using a nonabrasive floor cleaner

Using a nonabrasive floor cleaner

When cleaning SPC flooring, you should avoid the use of multi-surface cleaners or strong abrasive floor cleaners. You should also avoid over-mopping the floor, as over-mopping can weaken the adhesive or joins and promote the growth of mold. Instead, clean spills immediately by wiping them up with a damp cloth. If you want to keep the appearance of your floors clean, consider purchasing floor protectors to protect them from spills.

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To prevent dust and dirt from reaching the floor, you should consider installing mats or runners. The floor may become a magnet for dirt, but these mats or runners will prevent it from reaching the floor. You should also avoid purchasing doormats made of coco-fiber or pigmented rubber, since they may cause damage to the surface. If you want to use mats, make sure that they don’t contain abrasive material.

Avoiding over-mopping

There are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning SPC flooring, including the fact that you should not use harsh chemicals or multi-surface cleaners. These products may weaken the adhesive and surface layer of the floor, and over-mopping may weaken these surfaces further. Additionally, over-mopping may cause mold to grow in the joints. As such, you should wipe up spills as soon as possible using a clean, damp cloth.

Sweeping is a great way to get rid of dust and dirt on SPC flooring. Make sure to use a brushless vacuum, as beater bars from a vacuum may damage the coating. Sweeping should be done at least once a week to remove loose dirt and dust. After sweeping, mopping the floor with a mild pH-based solution is recommended.

Cleaning with a damp mop

While SPC flooring may be resistant to water, it is still susceptible to dirt. To maintain the hygienic appearance of SPC flooring, you must use a damp mop only on low-pile, smooth surfaces. Do not use a steam mop because it may damage the floor’s protrusions and bumps. Also, it is best to avoid over-mopping as it weakens the adhesives. Steam cleaning is another option for sanitizing SPC floors. The steam cleaners clean and dry SPC flooring quickly, without the risk of damaging the surface.

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When using a damp mop to clean SPC flooring, you should use a sponge mop head. This type of mop head is highly absorbent, which means it is capable of doing a thorough cleaning job. You should also choose a mop with a sturdy wringing mechanism to prevent oversaturating the floor. This way, you won’t end up with a soggy floor.

Using a vacuum

When using a vacuum to clean SPC flooring, it is best to avoid sticking the beater bar of the vacuum onto the floor. This will scratch the SPC coating. When cleaning SPC flooring with a vacuum, follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid scratching the flooring. Using a vacuum with a non-clap attachment is a good idea, as it will remove loose dirt and dust.

When using a vacuum to clean SPC flooring, make sure the brush attachment is designed for SPC. The brush attachment can get the dirt out of small crevices and sand. Use a soft brush attachment to remove dirt and grime. Never use harsh detergent on SPC floors. Instead, use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner such as vinegar to eliminate odors and keep the floor looking clean and healthy.

Using a broom

Cleaning SPC flooring can be done using a broom or a soft mop. Sweeping the floor with a broom or electric broom daily will help remove dust and debris that can ruin the beautiful finish of the flooring. While a broom is the most common cleaning solution for SPC floors, you may want to use a damp mop if your flooring has been exposed to heavy traffic. Make sure you avoid using beater bars from a vacuum cleaner because these can damage the SPC coating.

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To clean SPC floors with a broom, use a neutral cleaner, such as a mild soap and water. For stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner like isopropyl alcohol or mineral spirits. After using the cleaner, dry it with a clean white cloth. If the stain persists, use a cleaning solution formulated for SPC flooring.

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