How To Design Bath Bomb Boxes That Grab Full Attention?


Bath bombs make bathing a fun and fulfilling activity. These tiny bombs are filled with enormously beneficial ingredients for the skin. They mostly contain essential oils, which have been scientifically proven to have skin benefits. For example, they may contain lavender oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil, etc. Besides, they are packed with other ingredients which benefit our skin to make it soft, reducing aging marks, moisturizing it, and cleanse it. Once the bath bombs are put in the water, they release their ingredients in the bathing water. We use custom bath bomb boxes to protect bath bombs from being broken. It is because of these wonderful ingredients that bath bombs have become an essential part of our skin care regimen.

Bath bomb manufacturers are constantly working hard to ensure that their product is noticed and outperforms their competitors. One of the most effective ways to do so is to present the bath bombs in a way that the customers get attracted to them. The retail packaging of consumer goods is one of the most important advertising tools today, if not the most important.

It helps you inform your customers, allure them, and protect your product while making it shine out the rest. Here are a few things to consider while getting your custom bath bomb boxes designed by a box manufacturing company;

Be Innovative

Novelty is the key to success, at least in the packaging industry. When it comes to boxing designs, you should strive to be as unique as possible. This is because uniqueness captures attention. The customer is more likely to be attracted to a box that looks different from others. Rather than being a trend follower, strive to be a trendsetter. You can select a box design from a packaging company’s catalog and get it customized according to your needs.

A simple box design adorned with some specific features can look unique and attractive. Consider using such features as the windows in your boxes and the hanging and locking tabs to make them secure and prominent by letting them be displayed at a prominent spot in the store.

Besides, the bath bomb boxes should be made keeping in view the fact that bath bombs make one of the very common gift items. So, the custom bath bomb boxes should be presentable enough to be presented as a gift to loved ones. You can get your custom bath bomb boxes beautified with special features like bows, ribbons, laces, brooches, and flowers. Such features not only make your boxes look more presentable but also add to the value of your product.

Don’t Forget To Ask For A Sample Box

Before you place an order with any box manufacturing company it is extremely important that you examine a sample box. Most packaging companies offer a complementary 3D or flat sample.  It helps you judge whether the printed text looks good on the box or if should you get it edited in any way. A 3D sample helps you examine the size and shape of the box and how it looks once completed.

However, it is also recommended that you order a physical sample as well. A physical sample helps you determine whether your product fits snugly into the box or not. It gives you an exact idea of the accuracy of shape and size. Besides it also provides you with a physical touch of the box and you can examine the quality of the final coating and the quality of the material used in making the box. Hence, a physical sample may cost you a bit but can save you from a lot of disappointment later on.

Go For Eco-Friendly Stock Options

An eco-friendly option like Kraft material or recycled cardboard can help you establish the goodwill of an eco-conscious company. This in turn helps in gaining and retaining customers. Moreover, selecting a stock option that is easily biodegradable is also important in helping to reduce carbon footprints.

It ensures a better planet for our future generations. So, where possible, synthetic packaging material should be avoided and boxes made with renewable and degradable materials should be preferred. This is proof that you care for your community.


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