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How to set up a website for AdSense approval?

website for AdSense approval

Many times bloggers make some mistakes that they do not pay much attention to what to put on their homepage, due to which their blog does not look more attractive. Because of this, Adsense approval is not available. Today we have brought up a good topic for bloggers.

By which you will know what are the important things that should be on the home page of your blog so that the visitor can get the necessary things and he can be sure about your website.

Looking at all these things, we have written this post in which we have researched how to set up a website for Adsense approval and have written this post, so let us know what should be the home page of the blog.

What is the home page of the blog?

The blog home page means the main page of the blog or website, where all the posts and everything on that website are sequentially on the home page of a website. The home page of the website should be good to see so that the traffic on this website increases.

Not only the post on the home page but more important things related to the website will be found on the home page of the website, the information of which will be given to you further.

What should be on the home page of the blog?

In all the big websites, the theme or background of any website is not attractive, that is, it is very simple and simple to look at, my personal suggestion is that you should keep the theme of your website in white color.

What are the essentials on the home page of the website?

The home page is the most important page of the website, when a visitor first comes he sees the theme and background and customization of the website. Let us know which points are necessary or not on the home page.

Home Menu

All websites have a home button, if your website doesn’t have a home button, quickly create one.

Website logo

Give your logo on the website because it looks good and your website is different. Therefore, everyone must make a good logo for their website and put it on the website.

Contact us

No matter where your website is, it is very important to contact us because when someone wants to contact you, they will only be able to contact you through contacts. So put a contact us button on your website.


About is the most important point in your website, which gives information about the language of your website, when this website was created, about the website, about your social media, etc. By adding an about button, Google trusts your website, which makes it easier for Google to trust you and your website in ranking, so now definitely add an about button to your website.


Put a disclaimer on your website, it is necessary for the website.
Or you can even make it online if you want. There are some websites that make disclaimers for free.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy A website is required to create it on its website.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are also one of them the essential content of the website. Just put it on your website.


Just put it on your website because having a sitemap gives Google an idea about your website and the content in it and accordingly shows your posts in Google search. So make sure to include a sitemap in your post.


Must include an image in your post, this helps in post indexing and ranking. Also, it is easy to see and understand.


If you do not want anyone to use anything on your website or give credit to your website for using it, then you must copyright your content on your website.

Social media

Social media has a huge contribution in today’s time, there are many people who generate good traffic from social media. Therefore, in your post, give a link to all social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, etc.

Recent posts

Add recent posts to the sidebar from your blog’s layout, so that visitors can click on those posts when needed. This is a very good option.

Internal Linking

Whenever you write a post, do internal linking in it. By internal linking, it means that if your other topic is being used normally in the post, then you can do internal linking by putting a hyperlink in that word.

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In this post, we have learned how to set up a website for google Adsense approval, as well as why it is important to have an About, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, and Sitemap for your posts.

Tell me how did you like this post by commenting.


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