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How Yoga Helps Treating Bad Knees?


If you look closely around in your vicinity, you will find at least two to three old people struggling from pain in their knees. What’s worse, it intensifies with cold and cloudy weather which is basically 6 to 7 months of a year. Can you imagine how badly the quality of life of these people gets affected just because they have stiff joints? Yoga offers a very simple and easy solution for this problem. 

Regular exercises can help prevent stiffness in the joints and maintain mobility in the knees. However, it is important to select the right kind of exercises that have a low impact on the joints but improve overall mobility and fitness. Yoga is one of those workout routines that increases the heart rate without stressing the joints. It has proved to be e extremely beneficial for people suffering from chronic knee pain and offered improved quality of life, physical fitness, and mobility. Before you move on to know more about yoga for knee pain, you must consult with your doctor and learn the right technique before applying it to your body. You can always join a Yoga class nearby you or attend online sessions offered by yoga teachers all over the world. 

What Are The Best Benefits Of Yoga For Knee Pain Patients? 

Knee pain is not only common among elderly people but also in young and middle-aged individuals. A number of studies show that high-impact workouts, repetitive exercises like soccer games, and weightlifting can have an adverse impact on the knees leading to an increase in pain. Most of these activities are harsh on knees and make them weak making them vulnerable to more injuries and osteoarthritis in later years. That is why people who dealt with weightlifting and soccer at a young age often suffer from pain and stiffness of joints in their senior years. 

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Contrary to this, a number of researchers support yoga as it helps increase the fluidity of the joints through easy and simple exercises. A lot of people suffering from chronic knee pain reported considerable improvement in their condition after joining yoga classes. Yoga offers a simple workout that improves the mobility, posture, and walking speed of the elders. It improves the flexibility of the knee flexors and helps in better movement of legs and knees. 

Apart from this, the exercises mentioned for knee pain are equally effective in dealing with complications related to rheumatoid arthritis and muscular dystrophy. Yoga can be therapeutic for knee osteoarthritis, it alleviates the pain and improves the mobility of its patients. Regular practice of yoga can thus help arthritis patients in a long run.

Best Yoga Poses For Knees

The Bound Angle Pose

Commonly known as the butterfly pose, the pose brings together the soles of both feet and bends the knees out wide. Apart from stretching the stiff knees, this exercise also helps in opening up inner thighs, groin muscles, hip flexors, and so on. All these parts have a close connection with hip muscles. So an exercise supporting their flexibility automatically improves the flexibility of the knees. Also, it is an excellent exercise for women. 

The Warrior Pose

When performed regularly and with the correct technique, Warrior pose 1, 2, and 3 can be very helpful in strengthening the muscles around the knees. It also improves the overall stability of this joint along with the balance of the complete body. All you need to ensure is that your knee stays at a 90-degree angle while bending. And is positioned right above the ankle when you go down. 

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The Bridge Pose

A powerful pose, it relieves tension from knee muscles while strengthening the quads, core, and gluts. It also helps in weight loss. And toning of core muscles, thus, plays a key role in improving body posture, strength. And overall flexibility takes away the stress from major body joints including the knees.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

The pose involves lying on a mat or a flat surface on the back while putting legs up the wall. It is a calming posture that improves the overall circulation of lymphatic fluid. And relieves tension from all over the body. Yoga for knee pain also helps in stress management, lowering blood pressure, and similar other tasks. 


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