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Learn Leather Craft in Singapore – Make Leather Wallets

Leather Craft in Singapore

Leather is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is often used in clothing and shoe soles, but it can also be made into wallets! In this article, you will learn how to make your own leather wallet. Leather is a tough material that will last for years if treated properly. Follow the steps in this article to (Leather craft in Singapore) create your very own leather wallet!

Read on to discover how you can make your own leather wallet!

Preparing the Leather

  1. If your skin is not already tanned, then soak it in water overnight. Doing so will allow the skin to shrink sufficiently for easy cutting. For leather craft in Singapore, be sure that you place some sort of weight on top of the skin while it is soaking in order to submerge it completely.
  2. Cut your skin into two pieces: one that is 11 inches wide and 14 inches long, and another that is 10 inches wide and 13inches long (subtract half an inch from each length measurement). This will give you a piece of leather that is large enough to work with.
  3. Cut your threaded needle package open and thread each piece of string through one of the needles. Tie the ends together to create a loop, then place this loop over one of the nails in your work area (Leather craft in Singapore). Doing so will allow you to tie off your leather as you sew it, enabling the easier creation of curves.
  4. Mark the spot on each piece of leather where your card slot will be, which is approximately five inches from either side seam (the straight edge). Remember that if you are using an 11-inch wide piece of skin, then 5 inches will be located very near to the middle of that piece; conversely, for a 10-inch wide piece (which has only five inches on one side), this measurement will be five inches from the side (which has eleven inches).
  5. Cut 1/4 inch wide strips of leather that are about 8 inches long. Use these to form the outside edge of your wallet by stitching them next to each other. Make sure that you stitch over these strips at least twice; doing so will ensure added durability! For the leather craft in Singapore, It is a good idea to create a sample on some scrap leather before you start stitching your wallet together, in order to get the hang of how long each thread should be.
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Leather wallets are a popular item for men and can be made to suit any style

They can be personalized with any type of design or image. In order to make a leather wallet, you will need the following supplies:

  1. Leather hide
  2. Paint or dye
  3. Brush or sponge
  4. Ruler
  5. Pencil
  6. Cutting mat
  7. Xacto knife
  8. Stamps or other decorating tools
  9. Leather conditioner (optional)
  10. Rivets and anvil (for riveted wallets only)

Most leather hides come in a standard size, which is usually measured as the number of square feet that the hide will provide. For this project, we will be using a 10″ x 12″ piece of cowhide leather. If you buy leather from a tannery or craft store, they may cut it for you at no extra cost. You can also purchase your own cutting mat and Xacto knife to do it yourself. This article focuses on how to make a simple wallet with two card slots and one bill slot. There are many different types of materials used for wallet interiors such as cotton fabric, suede, imitation snakeskin.

You can choose what you want to put on your wallet as decoration, from your name or initials to a cool design. A paint marker is an easy way to add writing or designs to the surface of the leather. You could also stamp or emboss designs into it with a leather impression mat. Draw whatever you want onto the leather using a pencil, then use it as a stencil to stamp or emboss your design. To dye the wallet, you can either brush on several thin coats of paint in one color or be more precise by painting each side with different colors. A basic rule when dying leather is that you should always do the lighter color first and work your way up. Allow the leather to dry completely before moving on to the next step for your Leather craft in Singapore.

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The Bottom Line

Who said that men don’t like to sew or craft? Learn how to make leather wallets in Singapore and never go without a wallet again. Leather is an excellent material for crafting. As it can be made into anything from purses, belts, shoes, and even furniture. With this quick guide on how to prepare your leather before you start sewing (or gluing), you will be able to create the perfect style of wallet for yourself.

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