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NewsThe Most Exciting Time of the Day: 2 Line Status

The Most Exciting Time of the Day: 2 Line Status

When you are putting your two-line status on your WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, you are basically giving a sneak peek of your life to your audience. If you are posting your two-line status every day then you must know which time of the day is going to be the best for people to know what you are doing then.

For a better understanding let us say that you are going for a great lunch in the afternoon and you will be doing nothing but just sleeping at night. In this situation, the best time of the day to put your two two-lines is when you will be going out for lunch. 

Below are some tips which will help you to learn how to put a 2 line status according to your best style on the day. Driving now to learn the details and try to improve your status from today.

Decide It First

You need to decide what time of the day is going to be the best one as told about. If you are going for a shoot or if you are going for an experiment with a scientist or if you have decided to get ready in a parlour or if you have a dinner plan or anything else you need to select which part is going to be best to tell people about.

Once you decide on what is going to be on your status today you can easily click a picture or can post your two-line Shayari about how you are feeling at that time of the day.

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Nice Write-up 

You are write-up should be nice enough to attract readers. Whatever you write should compliment the image or the post you are going to put on your social media paid. The length of your write-up should not be very long and confusing but should have impressive words which are easy to read and understand. The shorter your caption is, the more people are going to read it so try to keep it simple and attractive.

Have a Theme 

You must have a theme on which you should write. This means that if your mode is a happy mode of writing, you cannot post a two-line status of happiness in the morning and then write something sad about life. This will mean that you do not agree with your first post only.

No reader is going to believe your post then if you post abruptly. This means you must have a team or a pattern to write and post things. You should always keep in mind that people are used to following things that are sarcastic in nature or appreciate living life.

The sentence I have just written consists of words like sarcastic and appreciation. This has created confusion about what basically I am going to say. Similarly, when you post something it should complement each other and not counter.

Tempt Your Readers 

Try to attack leaders by giving them what they want to see. The right selection of what you should post can only help you to Tempo a leader. The other thing that you need to focus on is, as I said above, the fact that everything in your post should compliment Each Other.

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Whether it is the background colour or the font and size of your write-up, everything should have a basic colour. This will make your post look even more.

Tagging Is Must 

You must tag people on your post. Tagging the people who were there with you at the time you click the picture will drive those people to your post and the people who are related to them will also consider watching your post.

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