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Six Best Summer Bed Sheets Ideas To Beat the Heat.

No one likes to wake up uncomfortable and hot in his bedsheets . You can forget about the heat and still sleep well through the night with the right summer bedding. These are our top summer bed sheets suggestions that will make your bed feel cooler.

1.Use a light top layer:

You can get a cooler night’s rest by storing your down comforter along with any other winter bedding such as flannel sheets or thick quilts. You don’t want your bed sheets to trap heat. Instead, choose lighter bed sheets that you can lounge in on even the hottest summer mornings. A comforter or duvet made of cotton, linen, silk or another lightweight fabric is a good choice.

2.Use lighter colors Of Sheets:

It’s time to update your bed sheets  palette if your bed is still in deep orange, black, and red hues from last winter or autumn. Bright and cheery colors such as white, sky blue, sky, or yellow can give your bedroom a summery makeover.

Lighter colors of sheets and blankets absorb more heat in the day. This means that they will be cooler when you go to bed at night. Light-colored bedding is the best choice, whether you want to update your summer look or simply to stay cool at night.

3.Choose Breathable Sheets :

You can now get sheets, blankets, and pillowcases made of natural fibers such as silk, bamboo, or cotton after you have taken your heavy bedding out. These materials are more comfortable than synthetic bedding and retain moisture better, making them ideal for summer.

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While cotton is very popular for summer, it is not as easy to find. Silk and bamboo are more breathable. You can get the same results with man-made fibers such as Telcel(r), Rayon, and Bamboo, which are made of eucalyptus or bamboo, respectively.4.Pile light layers on your bed:

A thick blanket is the last thing you want to do on a hot summer night. Multiple lightweight bedspreads are a great idea. Consider putting several thin sheets and blankets on top of your bed. You will be able to keep your body cooler or warmer by having thin layers. You can either shed one or more layers when it gets hotter or layers up with a few blankets when it drops.

Matelassé blankets make great lightweight bedding options. They are both stylish and thin. These blankets are made of one layer of fabric, so they breathe well. They also feature intricately quilted designs that look like thicker quilts.

5. Sleep Under Cooler Sheets:

You may not give your summer bed sheets another thought. You wouldn’t think so. They are thin and light. It’s the fabric, however, that really makes the difference. The fabric of your Super King Size bedsheets is directly in contact with your body as you sleep. They can either trap hot air or let it go.


Use light fabrics. There are many great choices, including linen, cotton, and even bamboo. Microfiber is another option. All of these fabrics can make your bed more comfortable. Check out our Best  Bed Sheets For Every Season guide for lightweight bedding options for summer.

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6. A Thicker Throw Blanket is always handy:

Cooler summer bedding has one downside. You might feel a bit colder on your feet when you have cooler summer bedding. Your feet are usually the coldest area of your body because they are so far from your heart. While your bedding might be the ideal temperature for you and the rest of the family, it could make your feet feel a little colder.


A thick blanket of woolen throw blanket wrapped over your bed will keep your toes warm. A thick blanket placed at the foot will keep your feet warm if it is unexpectedly cold at night. This will prevent you from having to get out of bed in order to find an extra blanket.

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