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Show You Features of Google Pixelbook 12in Review

Google PixelBook 12in 1

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for the most captivating features of Google Pixelbook 12in. We are going to show you the features of pixelbook 12.

It is crucial to understand the meaning of the digits in the name of Google Pixelbook 12in. Pixelbook 12in is a 12 inch glossy IPS screen with 421 nits. As the average laptop display is 200-300, a display with nits over 300 is considered to be the best.

You will get a brighter display if you choose a laptop with a high nit rate.

Google Pixelbook 12in Features

Google pixelbook has some very unique features. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Design and speed

The pixelbook’s hardware design is attractive and impressive. The pixelbook has a metallic design that is very thin. It also has a soft touch around the bottom and palm.

This laptop runs very fast. The laptop turns on quickly. It takes 10 seconds to turn it on, or less than 10 seconds.

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Touch screen display

This laptop can be used with or without the keyboard. You can use this laptop as a tablet with its touchpad.

Tablet mode

The Google Pixelbook 12in can be used in tablet mode. It is foldable so you can flip it. This feature is amazing for users.

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Use the soft and smooth button on the keyboard for project work, while flipping your favorite videos in tablet mode is a good way to watch them. You can use both the tablet and laptop modes simultaneously.


You may notice that your laptop gets hot while you are working on it. Summer is when this problem is most severe. This heat is very harmful to the laptop’s health. Customers want a device that does not get hot even after hours of work. The Google  Pixelbook 12in is the best option because it doesn’t gain heat and stays cool.

Pixelbook pen

A special pen is available with Google Pixelbook 12in that is compatible with Google assistant. This pen is easy to use. All you have to do is circle the items and you’ll get all the relevant information.

The pen is not compatible with the pixelbook 12in, but you can get it for $150 more.

Battery power

Customers look for devices that charge quickly and can last longer. Keep this in mind, devices now come with powerful batteries and the fastest chargers.

The battery of the google pixelbook 12in is reliable and can be charged for up to 10 hours.


Google Pixelbook 12in has different processors, RAM and ROM, which means that prices can vary.

Core i5 8GB RAM and 2GB ROM is $849 Core i5 with 16GB RAM, 256GB ROM and $999 costs. Core i5 with 16GB RAM, 256GB ROM and 512GB storage costs $1399. Core i7, with 16GB RAM & 512GB ROM, costs $1399.

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You have seen the main specifications and features for Google Pixelbook 12in. This laptop is a high-end model because of its hardware and software. However, the price tag for this laptop is a bit steep.

Google PixelBook 12in Review: Everything You Need To Know

The Google GA00122 US is lightweight and small, weighing in at 2.5 kilos and measuring in at 0.4 inches in thickness. The GA00122 US weighs less than both the Lenovo Yoga 920, and the Asus Shromebook FLir S302SA. It is also smaller than the Samsung Chromebook Rro as well as the Arrle iRad Rro according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Both the aluminum body and the Sornrilla Glass screen are beautiful. The keyboard is simple and easy to use.



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