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Start a Blog by Avoiding These Mistakes

Start a Blog

Hello, friends! Today we’ll provide you with all the information about the start a Blog. This is what a blog is in the end. Suppose you’re talking about making income online in India today. This Blog is the most well-known on Social Media.

According to data from 2022, There are greater than 600 million blogs across the world. In addition, 5,750 blog posts are published every minute. In this situation, we learn blogs are a method to earn millions of dollars.

Blogs are visited by greater than 77% of web users from all over the world. Many people think of blogs as a way of presenting their thoughts to the world and not just to earn money. Many bloggers also blog for fun.

What exactly do you mean by a blog? We now know all the details. We will also have the exact information and what needs to be thought of for the Blog to succeed.

A blog is a form of a diary that is online. You can earn money by sharing information and suggestions with users. Blogs can be described as “websites.” You can choose the subject of which you are knowledgeable. You can earn earnings by starting blogs on the subject and distributing information to other people. Many people Blog as a pastime. When you’ve created a blog, you can put your Blog’s content at any time in your office or home. The blog post we create is the content we publish in the Blog. It’s referred to as Article, also known as Blog Post.

How do you define Blogging?

When we start the Blog, we need to maintain it. It is essential to post blog posts each day during the week. This is known as Blogging. In simple terms, posting regular blog posts using a computer laptop is known as Blogging. This is also known as Blogging.

We will tell you that to blog, you must be knowledgeable about the blog topic you have chosen. Also, the language in which you’ll be writing your blog article. He should be fully informed.

In addition, it is important to be aware of blogging platforms such as WordPress. In addition, SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization, is also required to be taught. It is easy to learn these skills on YouTube within a month. The experience will improve as time passes. This will help you rank your blog post as an SEO expert.

Is Blogger a thing?

In simple terms, it is a person who writes blog posts on blogs. Writes blog posts daily by using computers. It is known as Blogger. In addition, Blogger is also known as Content Writer. Writers content for their website or another’s. A successful blogger must have a solid understanding of the language and area. The details relevant to the subject will be shared with the readers of the Blog.

Example: When you created your Blog, and you began adding your content to it. It has come to pass that you started blogging. Now, you’re putting posts on your Blog. You have become a blogger. The BloggerBlogger who is writing blogs is.

How can I begin blogging? How Do I Start Blogging?

When you begin blogging, make sure you first choose the WordPress blog platform. WordPress is a great platform with a number of amazing features when compared to BloggerBlogger. This means that you won’t be faced with any issues with Blogging.

How do you use it prior to beginning to Blog on WordPress? Also, learn about SEO in order to start making money fast by creating a WordPress blog and then writing blog posts about it.

Your Blog’s niche: First, select your Blog Niche. This means that you provide information on the subject on the Blog to people. Select the niche you want to focus on. Then, choose the name of your Blog.

The Blog’s name: decide the name for your Blog. Your Blog will be visible online on the Internet with the same name. Try it. Your Blog’s name must be distinctive. It is easy to remember by people.

Domain & Web Hosting

Domain: Once you have this, you must purchase an address for your Blog. A domain is a name for your website. It’s the way that visitors can access your Blog’s web page. The URL of your Blog may be in the following format. Example- MeriGuide.Com

Web Hosting: Following this, you will need to purchase an internet hosting service to host your website. There are many bad web hosting. It will fail when more visitors visit your Blog. Therefore, you should purchase a reliable web hosting service only.

Theme & Plugins

Theme: Select suitable WordPress themes for blogs. It should be a Light Theme. Don’t use excessively bright colors on your site. Select a theme that has lighter colors. You can choose to use Generate Press Theme.

PluginsPlugins: With WordPress, it is possible to use many features via plugins. It’s a boon for bloggers. Choose good plugins. Avoid using more than one plugin. This can affect the speed of your Blog’s PageSpeed.

Keyword Research on the subject you’re writing a blog article. Conduct keyword research on it in order to know what keywords people are using for more. When you conduct research on keywords, you will be able to place your Blog first on the search engine results page (Search Engine Ranking Position).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) A blog that is successful is not possible without SEO. In reality, Seo is the term used to describe how Google examines everything you put about your site. Suppose you’ve done SEO on your Blog correctly. Therefore, you won’t have any issues getting your Blog to be ranked. This is why you need to master Seo.

Google Search Console: Connect your Blog’s domain to Google Search Console. In this way, you will be able to correct your Blog’s mistakes and also theirs if you permit Google Bots to access your Blog through this. You will be able to access all the information regarding the Coverage and performance of your Blog through GSC.

Google Adsense: Once you’ve written posts on your Blog, When you notice that traffic is flowing. You then apply Google Adsense. To earn. Adsense lets you earn money by putting advertisements on your Blog’s website.

What platform should I use to begin blogging?

The most effective platforms for creating your own Blog for free are Blogger.Com as well as WordPress. There isn’t a better free blogging platform to use than this. Are you looking to create a cash income from your Blog? Start your Blog with just any of them. What is special about this? Let’s know.

Blogger is a completely free blogging platform. It is managed by Google. To blog on this website, you must be aware of programming. It is possible to start making progress on your Blog for free by using Blogspot Subdomain. It is also possible to start creating your Blog by purchasing .Com, .In the domain.

There is no requirement to pay for hosting on BloggerBlogger. Its servers are run by Google. Whatever amount of traffic flows through your Blog’s website. It will not crash.

Let us know if you’re blogging; you should purchase your domain name on Blogger.Com. After you have earned good money, you can turn your Blog into a professional one by moving the Blog to WordPress.


WordPress is the most preferred option for professional bloggers. You can use it to create your own Blog using domains and hosting services that are reliable. Some of the most well-known websites on the planet, like Time Magazine, Techcrunch, Ted Blog, The White House, NewYork Post, and others, have been built using WordPress. WordPress blogging system.

The site itself is constructed upon WordPress itself. This gives you the most advanced features, such as plugins, plugins, and themes. That makes your blogging experience much easier.

How do you make money from your Blog?

Make money through your blogs. Based on the content that you have posted. This is why increasing numbers of people will sign up for your Blog after reading the blog posts. The traffic that you get will increase. You can actually make more money through your Blog just if you get more visitors to your Blog.

Here we’ve explained how to make money through your blogs. This will help you earn good income on your Blog. Write quality blog posts according to your area of expertise. To ensure that your Blog will be more popular.

1. Through Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the world’s largest advertising network. It displays its advertisements in Adsense Blogs. Through which you earn revenue from your Blog through advertisements. When you start to see traffic come to your Blog’s website, you must then create your address account and link it to your Blog.

After you have added your blog after you’ve added it, after you have added your Blog, the Adsense team will review your Blog. If you comply with all the rules of Adsense in a timely manner, then you’ll be given Adsense Approval. Then, you will be displayed ads on your Blog that are from Adsense. You will then earn.

2. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Based on the niche of your Blog on your website, you are able to include hyperlinks that lead to Affiliate Products. This whole process is based on commission. Your affiliate account was created on a shopping site. Include an affiliate link on the website in your Blog.

The visitor now visits your Blog and buys the product. Therefore, you earn a commission. Bloggers can also earn income through affiliate marketing.

3. Earn money by selling physical Products

You could also create your own Blog. You can also make sales of Physical Products. Do you have an online store? What kinds of products are you able to sell on your website? Physical products include books, merchandise, custom Mugs, Slipmats, Stickers, Greetings Cards, and Dropshipping. Profits can be earned by selling these items by creating an online blog.

4. Earn Money Selling Virtual Products

Earn income through blogging through selling virtual goods. Virtual products can include EBooks, Exam Notes, Online Courses, and Apps, as well as Software if you are a specialist in creating any of these products or have a relationship with any other company. You could earn a decent amount of cash by running a blog.

5. Earn money from sponsored posts

The way to make money from your blogs is based on the Blog’s traffic. Create quality blog posts using dedication. Get people to visit your Blog. In return, you’ll be able to create sponsored blog posts. There are many companies that will have their product reviews published on your site.

In return, you earn cash through Sponsored Posts. This is not just for the company. Any other website could contact you and ask your Blog to create an article on your site.

How do you write a great blog article?

You should know what a blog is. This is the time to learn what to do in order to create a high-quality blog article. What rank do you have in search results (Search Search Engine Ranking Position)?

1. Choose the language of the Blog.

Check this out prior to creating a blog post. What language do you wish to begin blogging? Which language does the most proficiency in? It is possible to write a blog in any language, including Hindi and English. Be careful not to commit grammatical errors in English.

Additionally, you should use the numbers correctly also in Hindi also. Google algorithms take these things into consideration. Make sure you provide quality content in clear language to readers of your website. To ensure that they are aware of the content. You are an expert at Blogging so that people can see it.

2. Choose Your Blog Niche

Imagine you have an excellent knowledge of technology. You write your blog posts on the Technology Niche. When you write about different kinds of subjects, you can distract your readers. Blog posts should be written on just one topic.

You can create different categories. That will display your unique niche. Additionally, Google robots do not comprehend your content and which blog niche you intend to cover. This has an impact on earning and ranking.

3. Do Keyword Research

What is the topic you are going to write about before you start creating a blog post that is good? You must do Keyword Research about it. Keyword research implies that you’ll be able to determine what specific word users are searching for on Google.

Your Blog will create a post about that keyword. Related keywords to the keyword will be included in your blog post. Therefore, your blog post will be ranked. It will also bring in traffic and also earn you income.

4. Use Headings

Create a blog post with Paragraphs or Headings. That was the topic of your Reader article. To be able to comprehend everything. When you write a blog post that is the name for the Blog is usually the heading H1. This is then followed by titles such as H2, H3, and H4.

Headings can help to clarify this to Google Bots or Readers. What paragraphs are written for what heading? Below, we’ve clarified the heading in detail.

This is the primary heading. This is an article’s title. In this, your Focused Keyword is there.

This is a Sub-Heading. The second heading is important.

H3 This is the third mandatory heading. When you discuss H2 Headings in the subject. So you create a new heading. This is known as H3. This is known as Sub-Sub Heading.

H4 sub-sub Heading of the H3 Heading. This means that you describe something about H3. When you make a heading, it’s an H4 heading.

H1, H2, H3, and H4. The four categories are among the most crucial headings.

5. SEO Blog Posts

SEO is a term used to describe the term “Search Engine Optimization, i.e. when you write your Blog. You have utilized things such as keywords, Meta Description, Heading Tags in your post, Image Optimization URL Structured Sitemap, Siteload Time Backlinks, and Internal Links when creating a blog, or even not.

It is essential to be aware of SEO. Through this, you’ll be able to learn a lot about Blogging if you’ve done SEO for your Blog correctly. Your Blog’s ranking will rise significantly.

What exactly is Google Adsense? Find out how to get AdSense Approval for your Blog.

How do you set the Basic Settings of the New Blogger Blog? Blog basic setting 2022

What do I need to do? Crawlers and Indexing settings in BloggerBlogger?

Top 5 Best Blog Niches in Hindi for Blogging

It is the thing that most people are thinking about before beginning blogging. It is a matter of making an online blog that is in your niche. Which niche in which you could earn a good amount of income?

With these points in mind, we’ve presented you with the Top 5 Top Blog Niches. Which Internet users are the most active? Now, if the search volume is greater, then the traffic will be higher, and the earnings will also be good.

Let us now learn more about Best Blog Niches.

1. Food Blog

The demand for food-related blogs is extremely great. Today, you are required to watch Food videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. People are searching for Food Recipe Blog the most. Suppose you provide good content to your readers about food. This way, you will easily gain success with your food blogs.

Food Blogs on Topics:

Recipe blog

Food videography

Food photography

the knowledge of spices

Food culture

2. Lifestyle Blog

The competition in India is quite limited to lifestyle blogs. There’s plenty of money to be made in this niche as well. Suppose you love telling people about your lifestyle. Your style is impeccable. Therefore, you could also start your own Lifestyle Blog.

Life Blogs Topic:







3. Business and Finance

Finance and Business Blogs People visit this kind of blog time and time again. Suppose you can provide them with details on a specific topic. You will attract a large audience. Large companies are part of the Business and Finance Blog. If their ads are featured on your site, you’ll be able to earn income.

Blog Topics on Business and Finance:




Business idea


stock market

4. Tech Blog

But, competition is the highest on Tech Blog. However, the best blogs earn money from these blogs. Technology is improving each day. Articles are written every day. If competition on this Blog on technology is fierce, You will need to put in the hours every day and night if you are knowledgeable of current technology. You can create an online blog about technology.

The Tech Blog’s Topics are:

Virtual Reality

artificial Intelligence

machine learning



5. Product Reviews

There is a chance to review nearly all kinds of products in these blogs. It is important to learn about a product prior to purchasing it. Other aspects are similar to its attributes. That we think about prior to purchasing anything, suppose you’re an expert in conducting Product Reviews on you. This niche is the perfect ideal for you.

Product Review Blog Topic:

Taxes and Gadgets




Vehicle review

Branded Product Reviews

Is the difference between the two? A blog and a web. Blog vs. Website

In order to create a website, it is crucial for you to be proficient in coding languages such as CSS, Java, C ++, and HTML. For a professional website, you need to pay a large amount to Developers. Making and maintaining a website can be expensive.

On the other hand, let’s discuss Blog. Therefore, you don’t need Coding Language in it. There are many themes developed from the blogging site. These themes are custom-made. If you’re looking to build your Blog, stand out. It is recommended to use WordPress.

In this scenario, you’ll only require hosting and domain if you wish to set up a totally free blog. You can make blogs on Google’s blog platform BloggerBlogger. We’ll tell you that a WordPress blog isn’t any inferior to any other site.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

What is the cost it takes to start an online blog? It is contingent on the blogging platform you select. If you decide to go with WordPress, then you will need to purchase the most suitable hosting for your site to ensure an efficient loading speed. The price of shared hosting can vary between 4 and 5 thousand.

You must purchase a domain and host in order to create your website available on WordPress. Keep in mind that if developing start your Blog on WordPress and you want to host it, you must purchase hosting for 2 or 3 years at a time since the cost of upgrading hosting is very high. Therefore, you should purchase a good hosting service for two to three years at a time.

However, it is the case with BloggerBlogger. It is Google’s blogging platform; you will not have to pay cents. It is not necessary to pay a cent to use this platform since BloggerBlogger is hosted by Google’s servers. There is no requirement for hosting on this.

What kinds of Blogging are there? Different types of blogging

Do you have any idea? What are the ways professional bloggers earn money through blogs? People who are new to Blogging don’t know these details. If you continue to blog, someday, you’ll become a pro in this. Today we’ll be able to understand the different kinds of Blogging. Expert bloggers make more money.

1. Micro Niche Blogging

Micro refers to “micro,” which means that these blog niches exist in it. Where anyone has written. The most traffic is at Micro Niche. There’s plenty of income when you begin Blog with Micro Nish. The same Niches are not marketed to anyone.

2. Event Blogging

An event is an event that has a limited period of time. Blog posts are written on these subjects. The length of the posts is very brief. However, traffic is the most intense during this time, as with IPL Cricket Matches and Festivals.

3. Personal Blogging

Personal Meanings “Private” This kind of Blogging is about sharing with readers their personal lives. Share your life experience. These blogs are written by one individual. These personal blogs are popular in America. It’s something like an online diary for these blogs.

4. Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate blogging is the process of the creation of a blog and then putting affiliate links for products of an additional website onto it. If readers purchase on your Blog, you receive a commission. However, it’ll require a lot of work on your part too.

In this instance, you’ll be required to present the items that you have on your Blog start that are more appealing than the original website. To ensure that your sales increase. We’ll inform you that you can’t earn money from Adsense using this kind of Blogging.

5. Multi-Niche Blogging

Multi is a term that refers to multiple means more than just one. The entire spectrum of topics is addressed by Multi Niche Blogging. This means that blogs are composed of multiple topics. Indian bloggers are more focused than others in the Multi Niche from the very beginning. Adsense Approval is offered quite late in this niche.

Benefits Of Blogging Benefits of Blogging

Learn about the advantages of Blogging.

You’ll learn new techniques in Blogging.

You could write for other websites. You will earn.

Through Blogging, you become the boss of your Blog.

With a blog, you are able to establish a distinct image by becoming an experienced blogger.

Your language skills will improve.

You can learn discipline from Blogging.

You can earn a decent amount of cash sitting at home. People will appreciate you.

Keep these in mind when you are blogging.

The success of Blogging comes from knowing this. When blogging, you need to be aware of every aspect of it. Making a mistake can cause you to lose your work. Be sure to keep these points in your mind.

Always write content that will be useful to people.

Simplify your blog structure.

Don’t use too many bright colors for your blog theme.

Make use of short paragraphs in blog posts.

Image optimization, for example, keeps the size and quality of the image just right.

Do not duplicate content from another website.

Find out more about the Google Adsense policy.

Create an About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us page for your visitors.

Avoid using harsh language in blog posts.

Post your Blog’s content via social media.

Avoid using keyword phrases in blogs that go against Google policy.

Avoid using keywords a lot.

Write three blog posts per week.

Avoid writing on the same subject that has been written numerous times.

Always continue to do Keyword Research in the new area.

What is the nature of Blogging?

There are five major types of Blogging, namely: 1. Micro Niche Blogging, 2. Event Blogging 3. Personal Blogging 4. Affiliate Blogging 5. Multi Blogging

What is what is Niche?

Niche is a term used to describe a subject on which your start Blog will be written. The niche you select. You will post details related to that niche on your Blog.

Which is more expensive Between, BloggerBlogger as well as WordPress?

Blogger is among the most affordable. In addition, the features offered by it are less in comparison to WordPress.

What is the percentage of people who have access to blogs?

Seventy-seven percent of people around the world read blogs each day.

How long are successful bloggers spending?

According to studies, a successful BloggerBlogger spends 6 hours on the Blog.

What should I know prior to starting Blogging?

Before you begin blogging, look over other blogs. Additionally, master SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization.


When you’ve start your Blog, you should give it time similarly. Similar to how you offer the job. In the age of technology, people want to learn about new developments each day. Suppose you want to start your own Blog. Put in the effort. If you do, you will certainly achieve the results you desire.

According to studies that less than 40% of all new bloggers have the potential to succeed in their Blog a success. Make sure you use a professional style of writing on your Blog. Your Blog’s visitors must feel as if our hearing the information from you as they read the Blog. Mike Butcher, a successful blogger, states that “Blogging is a Conversation, not a code” is the best phrase for him.

Is Blog a thing? You must know quite well. The article is long. However, all the essential details are covered to help you. Let us know about your experience after reading this Article in the comments section. Please share this Article with your acquaintances as well.


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