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The first five steps to creating your own blog

Once you have chosen a Blog hosting platform and a representative domain name, then purchased space online, you will be spoiled for choice:

  • What will your blog design look like?
  • What telling name will you give to your Article?
  • How often do you want to post content?
  • Do you want to publish only text or also images and videos?
  • Will your theme be general or specific?

Step 1: Find a niche

Personal or professional blog, the objective is the same: it’s up to you to find and analyze a niche and a catchy topic on which to write. Indeed, an article characterized by original and quality themes and texts stands out. What answers or information might your target audience be looking for? Is What interests could your blog satisfy? What problems do you want to solve? What questions do you want to answer?

Step 2: a blog must have a personality

Give your blog a unique personality through a clear name, fresh style, and aesthetic design. Just by presenting and preparing the information, carefully choosing your typeface, your colors, and the layout of the text, you can attract the attention of new readers and retain followers for years to come.

Step 3: Plan your blog posts

It is very important to plan your blog and write for us technology posts in advance. Build up a stash of articles to post content regularly, without long interruptions. On the blogosphere, it is not only necessary to publish quality content, but also and above all to publish regularly.

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Step 4: Make your blog known on the networks

Your blog may be a nugget of originality, if readers do not know it, it will remain in the shadows. Use social media to promote yourself. The boundaries between Instagram, blogs, vlogs, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms are porous. Many bloggers maintain, alongside their blog, a dedicated Instagram account or collaborate with other bloggers to become part of the network.

Step 5: Build a relationship of trust

To retain readers of your blog, you must ensure that you offer consistent and consistent quality. Answer your readers’ questions, provide solutions to their problems and respect the themes in which you have chosen to specialize. Surprises can be good, but it will be more effective to write a reliable and consistent blog where your readers know what to expect.

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A blog or a website?

 A website is static, both in its layout and in the structure of its menu. Even if the contents are updated, they do not evolve regularly. A site has a rather representative aim.

Conversely, through their functions such as posts in chronological order, hyperlinks and permalinks, comment space, and news/RSS feeds, articles are dedicated to interaction with Internet users and focus on the character’s social and personal content.

Companies have been able to take advantage of the benefits of the article. Very many professional Internet sites integrate Articles which allows not only to represent the company but also to interact with readers and customers.

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