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What are the tips for transporting your bike to a new city?

tips for transporting your bike

tips for transporting your bike: Moving vehicles from one place to another is important if you decide to relocate from one place to another.  If you are planning to relocate within India, from one city to another you will shift your home items and products along with your vehicles. For shifting vehicles, you have to hire the best and safe vehicle shifting services which are available at very affordable prices.

Before diving into the main topic, we suggest you to go with the Cloud packers and movers for your bike relocation. Cloud is one of the leading packing and moving service provider in India. It has been operating their services in India more than a half-decade. And made many satisficed customers.

If you are searching any shifting service in Kolkata or anywhere in India then you can go with the Cloud Packers and Movers for your relocation. Without wasting time let’s dive into the main topic tips for transporting your bike.

Following tips should be considered before moving a bike from one city to another 

1.Check the condition of the vehicles

It is mandatory to check the condition of the vehicles before anything doing. The year of the manufacture. The mileage of the bike and check that it is on high Maintenance charges. If you are relocating to a nearby city and a state then it is compulsory to check the condition of the bike and if the distance is long there is no use to check the condition if it is not in a good state.  

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2.Carry all the documents which are related to the bike

Another important point is to carry all the documents which are related to the bike such as RC, insurance, and road tax, that need to be carried safely. These documents are required at a new place when you have to shift your bike. The procedure of transferring a bike from one city to another is fully explained by the RTO of a particular city.

3.Hire experienced bike transporter and packing services 

After gathering all the documents, for transferring your bike from one place to another the next step is to hire the experienced and well-trained packer and movers services. You can also find the best moving and hiring companies from Google. You can check their past services, ratings, and reviews of a particular company given to the customer. The professional companies have several years of experience in giving services to the customers and safely transferring your bikes over a long distance. 

4.Check for damages  

Another important point in transferring a bike from one city to another is that check any damages that occur during the transit. The moving company tries to safely transfer the vehicle from one place to another without any scratches. If any big loss occurred to the vehicles during transit then the moving and packing company will be liable to pay the compensation

5.Purge your vehicle

Before sending vehicles to another city, you have to clean and purge all the parts of the vehicles. If your bike is untidy then no hiring company will take the responsibility to transfer your bike from one place to another. It is another important step in relocating your bike.

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6.Drive the bike if the location is near to you 

If the relocation is near to you then you do not need to hire any movers and packing company. You can drive the bike and shift your vehicles according to your convenience. If you hire a company for transferring your vehicles. it has faced a lot of formalities also as well as it is very difficult to unload a bike from the truck or van. And that takes much time and cost.

7.Rent Motorcycle trailers 

Motorcycle trailers are very helpful in transferring bikes from one place to another. They have specially designed to carry bikes and with the help of motorcycle trailers. It is easy for customers to shift their bikes from one place to another. These motorcycled trailers come equipped with a two-wheeler and built-in heavy-duty wheel chocks and ramps for easier loading.

Cloud packer and movers services 

Cloud packers and movers is a moving company that helps customers for transferring their bikes from one city to another. It is the best company that provides services to their customers according to their satisfaction as well as they charge a very nominal amount of fee from their customer.  


In the present time, shifting a bike from one place to another is very easy by hiring companies. Most of the companies also provide equipment for shifting bikes from one city to another. It is easy but you have to follow some necessary guidelines that we already discussed above.

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