10 Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Travelling in 2022

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Since the beginning of the year, we have been dealing with the pandemic. Travel was difficult during this time. However, things could be different this year. We hope so. These 10 tips will make it easier to plan your trip, choose a destination and enjoy your vacation in 2022.

Tips for Travel 2022

It wasn’t looking good at the beginning of the year, with record numbers of Covid cases in the US and Europe. We are in a better place than last year, thanks to the availability of vaccines and some predictions that we might be looking toward ending the pandemic.

Expedia invented the term “GOAT” for travel in 2022. It refers to the year that we will be making the Greatest of All Trips. We are done exploring our backyards. We’ll all be travelling big in 2022.

We live in uncertain times so here are some tips to help you travel in 2022. These tips will make your trip more enjoyable and safer. It will also help you plan great vacations in 2022.

1. All the important information

There have been horror stories of people being refused entry to certain countries or being held up for not having the Covid documentation. One of the best tips to travel in 2022 is to stay informed.

Print out your Covid Pass and keep it on your phone. You can find the entry requirements for each country on the official websites of their governments. Here you will find the right information.

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TIP – Ask in Facebook groups about the recent situation that travellers experienced in that particular destination. You shouldn’t rely solely on the information there. However, it can be a source of additional guidance.

2. Make a Plan in Advance

Even though we are unable to travel as much right now, it doesn’t stop us from dreaming of some of our favourite destinations. We would love to go there for the holidays.

It could be spending three days in Paris. You could also consider a trip to France, Belgium, and Rome. Maybe you want to visit some of the best European destinations this year. You can plan your dream trip now. Find the best hotels, tours, and museums that are available. Once you have a clear understanding of the pandemic’s global impact, put them in a document and book your trip.

3. Be Flexible

It’s important to be flexible as the world changes so frequently. Now that you have your ideal trip planned, the next step is to search for possible dates.

You can check out the public holidays and possible vacation dates at work. Make sure to have a few options for each trip and then book it when you are certain you can. Flexibility seems to be one of the best tips for travelling in 2022.

Be Flexible - travel

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Last-Minute Reservations

As mentioned above, last-minute bookings will be a common occurrence when you are travelling in 2022. You can easily book your hotel and transportation if you plan ahead. You can easily change your plans to include museum visits and other sites that you would like to see.

For example, this year, I plan to travel to Toscany with my family. We looked into which cities we would like to visit and what special exhibitions were being held this year. We even had a few hotels we liked saved. In 2019, we would have chosen the dates and booked the trip. We chose to book two weeks of our trip this year (one in February, one in April). Once we are sure that it is safe and feasible to travel, we will wait to book it.

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TIP – Last-minute bookings can be difficult, such as tickets for trains or planes or tickets to museums. If you need to cancel your ticket, make sure it is easily refundable and comes with a date change. KLM is one of the flight companies that offer tickets with a free date change. These deals are worth looking for.

5. Go on a Workcation

One of the greatest things about the past two years was that anyone can work anywhere in the world. If you are one of the fortunate ones, take advantage of this opportunity and travel on a workcation. You may have more flexibility, be able to stay longer in one place and get to know the area better.

I am considering going to London for a few weeks this summer. I did the same last fall by making my business trip longer and extending it to the Netherlands.

6. Visit Museums and Participate in Cultural Programs

Even more, than travelling, I was missing big cultural events and museum exhibits over the past two years. They were the only time I was able to enjoy them was last summer.

museam - travel

However, the museums are opening again so I believe we should make it a priority to visit them in 2022. There are some beautiful exhibitions planned for this year. You can read more about Culture Tourist’s article about the best art exhibitions in this year’s coming weeks in the following weeks.

7. Keep Enjoying Nature

During the past two years, we were all obsessed with nature. It’s no surprise that we are in the same situation as they were during those years. We also learned to appreciate the beautiful scenery and the great feeling of being in nature.

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Keep Enjoying Nature - travel

You could take it to the next level by planning to spend time in nature at an exotic destination. You could go hiking through the forest, explore islands or simply enjoy nature in some stunning mountains.

8. Take-Care-of-Yourself-Holiday

In the past two years, it seems like we have all taken better care of our mental and physical health. Why not plan a well-being vacation for yourself? You could go on a yoga retreat or spend time in a hotel with spa and swimming pools. Or just meditate a lot while you are there.

take care in travel

9. Be Responsible When You Travel

The pandemic seems to have shifted our attention from responsible travel in the past few years. The environment is being impacted by people every day. Climate changes can be seen in every corner of the globe.

Be Responsible When You Travel

It is important to remember to be responsible travellers, despite the pandemic. This could mean avoiding unnecessary flights, taking care of the environment when travelling, avoiding plastics, and giving back to local communities.

My top tip for travelling in 2022: Be a responsible traveller, because climate change will be here much longer than pandemics.

10. Stay Safe

Staying safe is the last and most important tip for travelling in 2022. This is a common problem and we all know how to avoid it.

Be safe. Wear your face mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance. Remember to have fun and enjoy your 2022 adventures.

These tips will hopefully help you plan great holidays in 2022. Are there any other tips you would like to share? Please leave your comments.

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