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Top Features And Specifications Of Malwarebytes Protection

Malwarebytes is a famous anti-malware software available for PCs, Mac, and other devices. With the increase of threats, Malwarebytes is providing advanced tools and features for device and data security. Several plans are available depending on users’ devices and requirements. Malwarebytes offers both free and paid plans to the users. In the free Malwarebytes plan, you get a malware scanner. The scanner can remove all harmful malware from the system. If you need advanced tools then you can purchase the Malwarebytes paid plans.

Top specifications of Malwarebytes anti-malware

Powerful scan

Malwarebytes offers a powerful malware scanner. You can scan the device depending on the needs. For a daily scan, use the quick scan tool. It will immediately scan the vulnerable files of your device. The quick scan requires a few minutes to complete, use this tool every day after completing your job. Malwarebytes also provides a custom scan feature. You can scan a particular folder or drive using this tool. For a complete PC check-up, Malwarebytes has a full scan feature. This tool inspects every file on your computer. The Malwarebytes full scan takes lots of time depending on the number of files on the system. Using the full scan tool of Malwarebytes once a week keeps the system secure from all threats.

Real-time protection

Malwarebytes has a real-time protection feature in its paid plan. Real-time protection is crucial today. When malware enters the system, it immediately causes lots of damage before the user runs a scan. To prevent any damage, Malwarebytes offers a real-time protection tool. It provides a protection layer in real-time. Whenever the user opens any file on PC, the real-time feature will scan it. The file will only load on the system when it is fully secure. The real-time protection feature removes malware before it causes any damage to your system. This protection feature is available in four different layers; web protection, ransomware protection, malware, PUP protection, and exploit protection. The malware detection and removal rate of real-time protection is more than 95%. 

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Browser protection

Malwarebytes offers a free browser guard extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. This extension is very helpful in protecting the device from internet threats such as malware, adware, trackers, PUPs, and scams. All these protection features are enabled by default; you don’t have to do anything. Whenever the user clicks on any URL, the protection feature scans it. The webpage will only load if it is fully safe. However, sometimes the browser protection feature suspects a safe page as malicious and blocks it. If your malwarebytes not opening the required page then you can disable the protection tool. Use this tool only if you are sure that the webpage is fully protected. After accessing the required webpage, you must enable the protection tool. Using Malwarebytes browser guard also makes the browser fast. It disables all the suspicious ads from your browser. However, unlike other ad browsers, it doesn’t disable all the ads. Malwarebytes only disable malicious ads to prevent spam and phishing threats.


Malwarebytes also provides a powerful VPN tool to the users. This VPN has more than 300 servers across 30 countries. Malwarebytes VPN provides more secure protocols with excellent speed. You can reliably use the internet under VPN as it doesn’t store data like connection logs and browsing history. But Malwarebytes VPN doesn’t provide a kill switch. It is a feature that shuts off the internet if the VPN is unable to connect. The VPN speed is very good in every server of Malwarebytes. You can seamlessly access all your data. Your VPN will mask the IP address of your system and you can access the internet safely. This tool is necessary while accessing public networks. Using this tool, you can access the web pages that are not accessible in your current location. You can easily set the VPN to different locations and access the data. 

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Gaming mode

While working on a system, pop-ups can cause huge distractions. Malwarebytes provides a gaming mode where you can easily disable all the pop-ups on the system. Whenever you play a game or watch a movie on full scan; gaming mode starts running. It immediately mutes all the pop-ups on the system. The user can play games or perform tasks without getting any pop-ups. Once you close the full screen, you will get all the notifications. 

Ransomware protection

Ransomware threats are increasing a lot. Many big companies are dealing with ransomware. This malware steals the information and encrypts it. The user has to pay a ransom to get this data. Malwarebytes offers a ransomware protection feature. It adds multiple layers of protection to your crucial data to ensure that ransomware can’t steal any of your information.

Why is Malwarebytes one of the best security applications?

Simple interface

Malwarebytes anti-malware offers an easy and powerful interface. The user can easily install and use Malwarebytes on his system. You don’t need any expert knowledge to understand or run the tools. Any person with basic computer knowledge can use Malwarebytes services.

Can work with another security application

This is a unique feature of Malwarebytes anti-malware. You can use Malwarebytes with another security application. Using multiple security apps can cause conflict issues. But Malwarebytes interface is different; you can reliably use it with another security program. It will not only protect the device but also your security application. However, the user has to make some changes to the Malwarebytes settings. Don’t use the same tool on both applications. Disable those tools which are available on another security application. Now you can run both security programs reliably on the system.

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Also available for the phone device

Malwarebytes also provides a security app for phone devices. You can install the Malwarebytes app and use the tools for free. For more security, you can get the premium version. Using Malwarebytes for phones, you will get web protection, call protection, ad blocking, and message filtering features. 

For device protection, you can use the free plan of Malwarebytes. To protect the system from new threats, you can purchase premium plans and get advanced security. Before purchasing, you can use the free-trial plans. Run the trial plan to inspect all the tools. After trial, you can easily purchase the Malwarebytes plan and secure your device. 

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