What does it mean to be a Great Team Leader and How to become one?

A strong business leader has many skills that enable them to interact effectively. And positively with their team to achieve a common goal. In some cases, these leadership qualities come naturally. While in others they are learned through experience and formal training. Many employers seek these skills in leadership candidates. But leadership skills are invaluable to any employee, regardless of their role. In this article, we’ll cover the basic skills team leaders need and how to develop them.

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit,” said Arnold H. Glasow.

Here are some ways to become a great team leader:


A strong business leader can clearly and concisely communicate goals, objectives, and other organizational needs to their team. Business Leaders must master written and verbal communication to ensure expectations are presented to their employees in a way they can understand. Being an effective communicator also means listening carefully, speaking clearly, understanding body language, and being aware of your tone of voice.


To lead effectively, a manager or executive must be able to earn the trust of his team. Great leaders earn the respect of their employees by being honest with them. Even if employees don’t like what the manager has to say, they will probably appreciate someone telling the truth.

Build relationship:

Effective leaders or executives can bring their teams closer together by encouraging collaboration and enabling healthy working relationships between employees. When team members trust each other, they work better together and are more productive.

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Leaders/Executives have to make important decisions, sometimes in very little time. Rather than relying on guesswork, they weigh in and understand their abilities. They have confidence in the decisions they make and can share why they made the decisions.


Being a leader means finding ways to overcome the many obstacles that organizations inevitably face. A good leader uses an innovative approach to problem-solving and approaches these barriers from a new and unconventional perspective.


Employees tend to respect a leader who is responsible for the success and failure of their team. A good leader shows responsibility, admits mistakes, and then finds solutions for improvement.


A good leader or executive must motivate their employees and encourage productivity and passion for their work. This includes caring for their employees, recognizing achievements, or providing rewarding and challenging work

Be a good listener:

Who doesn’t want to be heard? Hand in hand with empathy, a good leader values ​​the contributions of their team members, wants to know what drives them to work on them and helps them set and achieve career goals. Will you always agree? Of course not, but showing that you value them by really listening and acting on what you hear will earn you great respect and loyalty. Are there conflicts with other employees? Contact him as soon as possible. Is there a family emergency? Suggest ways to adjust your work schedule without worrying about your safety.

Remember that listening to employee feedback can be invaluable. If they have a great idea, let them know! The more you are able to build professional relationships with your employees, the easier it will be for them to be honest about the positive improvements needed.said

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