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Which Languages are the Best Among Backend Programming Languages?

Programming Languages

Every website comprises a layout and real-time functionality. We know the layout of the website as front-end while the back-end handles the functionality of the entire website. Although people have access to the application’s front end, their actions impact the application’s or software’s success or failure.

The application or software’s backend has a greater impact on the software’s success or failure. It is because it is the application’s brain, and it adds minor functions to the application.

This is the most popular reason why more backend programming languages are becoming popular for developing different types of web apps, mobile apps, android apps, and iOS applications.

As a result of this issue, when anyone wants to develop a professional website for their business, the IT staff thoroughly studies the requirements before deciding on the backend programming language to be used.

When the company chooses the correct backend technology and language, it facilitates the development process and gives you exceptional advantages.

  • The Rate of Development has to Boost Up
  • Scalability Options are Available in the Application
  • Application’s Responsiveness Exceptionally Enhanced

Although it is beneficial to choose the finest backend technology in terms of compatibility, choosing one is difficult. It takes a lot of effort to determine which language is ideal for any software application. So, for your ease, we’ve chosen the top backend languages and outlined them so you may compare them to your needs.

Top Backend Programming Languages

  • JavaScript

We consider JavaScript as one of the most reliable backend programming languages. The majority of the programmers use this language for both server-side and front-end tasks.

This backend language was first introduced 25 years ago, in 1995, and is commonly abbreviated as ‘JS.’ Furthermore, you should not combine it with Java because Java and JavaScript are two very different languages.

JavaScript has many advantages, including rich interfaces, internet access to a wide range of resources, and interoperability. Furthermore, we consider these amazing languages as one of the most popular programming languages in this era because of their dual-use in the development process.

  • PHP

PHP is another well-known server-side programming language that was first introduced in 1997. This backend language is based on HTML and is typically used for session tracking, eCommerce website design, database administration, and dynamic content.

The majority of app development companies prefer PHP as their server-side language. According to W3Techs, over 80.1 percent of websites used PHP as a backend language in 2017. This utilization is expected around 79.2 percent in 2021. When a company decides to use a PHP backend, it is also simple to find a PHP developer.

  • Ruby

Another famous and promised open-source backend language is Ruby. This scripting language was first presented in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto.

The key advantage of utilizing Ruby as a backend language is time efficiency. Yes, it provides a number of coding tools to assist you to speed up your backend development process. The availability of multiple libraries, as well as support from active communities, are some of the advantages of utilizing Ruby server-side languages.

  • Python

Python is a powerful high-level programming language. It is one of the most widely used programming languages, and it adheres to a variety of development methodologies, including OOP, structured, and functional programming.

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This programming language is useful in complex programming tasks such as data mining, deep learning, web apps, and many others.

  • Java

JAVA is another commonly used backend programming language that adheres to the object-oriented programming paradigm. It is commonly used to create massive enterprise-level applications. It is also one of the oldest languages, having many unique characteristics.

JAVA is mostly concerned with object-oriented methods. It means that you can’t work in Java if you don’t have classes. OOP assists programmers in writing structured, well-organized code. Object-oriented programming facilitates code comprehension and readability.

  • Solidity

Solidity is another useful backend programming language for creating complicated programs and applications. It is contract-based high-level programming. To implement real-world applications, this server-side language is statically typed and enables inheritance.

Although Solidity appears to be simple for beginners, experts say it is difficult for newcomers. If you want to create blockchain or contract applications, this excellent back-end programming should be your first choice.

  • Node.js

Node.js is a well-known backend JavaScript environment. It executes the JS code on the server. It enables developers to build backend code. Fortunately, it is an open-source programming language with cross-platform capabilities.

According to W3Techs, around 1.3 percent of websites use Node.js for server-side activities. LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix, NASA, and Netflix are among the most prominent companies that claim to employ Node.js for backend tasks.


  • Rust

Rust is another well-known and sophisticated programming language that was first introduced in 2010. It is a multi-paradigm programming language comparable to C++. In Rust, memory safety is ensured by utilizing a borrow checker to validate references.

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Rust is a relatively efficient programming language that outperforms others such as Python and Ruby.

  • Go

Go backend programming language was created in 2008. To type static applications and software, We use this language. Furthermore, Go is a compiled programming language that is syntactically comparable to C. It includes features such as garbage collection, structural typing, and so forth.

The testing help function can assist programmers in identifying and resolving difficulties. The Go programming language has a unit testing mechanism built into it. This wonderful aspect of the Go programming language makes massive application development more efficient and simpler.


There are dozens of backend programming languages used in the world in recent years. Because these languages are more secure rather than front-end languages, developers and development companies mostly use these languages for development purposes.

There are also some backend languages that are open-source and well-documented. Their easy accessibility and easy understanding make them the most popular language in the world such as Python. Its syntax is very easy to understand and easily interpreted.

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