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Computers and TechnologyWhy is the CryorigH7 air cooler better for your computer?

Why is the CryorigH7 air cooler better for your computer?

Why is the CryorigH7 air cooler better for your computer?

Cryorig was founded by a handful of PC enthusiasts who wanted to establish their brand. This brand is built by people who have previously worked in the same industry. Cryorig is committed to making the best rigs possible.

CryorigH7 can fill in the gaps left by other products. It is committed to providing a product that’s more than great.

It won’t make a product that they wouldn’t use. Every product is created with premium quality and functionality in mind. They are confident in a product that will be reliable and can be delivered to customers. Cryorig products are the best.

Although they look very industrial, Cryorig coolers are both attractive and appealing. Cryorig coolers such as the R1 universal and H7 are extremely popular among enthusiasts and budget-minded customers. CLC is also available. However, I have not yet reviewed them. I reviewed their R1 Ultimate earlier. It is the most efficient thermal product and the most affordable, as its name suggests. Take, for example, the CryorigH7. It is available since 2015 and is compatible with all Intel and AMD processors.

The Cryorig h7 air cooler reduces heat spots and airflow resistance. The cooler also increases airflow to heatsinks, which results in maximum cooling efficiency. It’s a great choice if you have a limited budget and require a compact, quiet CPU cooler.


Dimensions (with fan): L98xW123xH145

Weight with A fan: 711g

Weight with the fan 577g

Heat pipes: 3 units x 6mm Heat pipe

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Finn = 0.4%, Gap = 2.25mm

Front Fin – 40 pcs

Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated

TDP 140 W

Fan qualities:

Dimensions : L120mm, W120mm, x H25.4mm

Weight: 134g

Rated Speed 330 1600 RPM +-10%

Noise Level: 10 ~ 25 dBA

Air Flow – 49 CFM

Air Pressure: 1.65mmH2O

Ampere: 0.16 A


It can be difficult to install the CryorigH7 cooler because of the screws on the motherboard’s bottom. To do this, you will need to flip your motherboard upside down. Pro tip: Make sure to tighten all screws manually before you flip the board upside-down. Then, use a screwdriver to finish the job. Read More: y2mate com

Complete installation process

Installation of the H7 takes only minutes. First, prepare the backplate for your specific CPU socket type.

The screws insert through holes at the back CPU socket.

Next, place the black screws/height adjusters on top, and then apply your thermal paste. Set the cooler on top. Once you’re done, tighten the screws to the backside of the motherboard so they fit in the brackets.

Cryorig stated that RAM compatibility is not an issue. Even with the fan on, there is still space between RAM sticks and the fan.


To test all cores of our CPU, we use the Prime 95 stress testing program for 10 minutes. CoreTemp and CPU utlize to monitor the cores. Next, we add the core temperature readings for each core together. Then, divide the total number of cores by it.


It is surrounded by the Review 120mm single design heatsink air cooling unit. This cooler ensures maximum compatibility. The cooler weighs 577g and measures L98 x W123xH145mm. Each heat pipe is nickel-plate and measures 6mm in diameter. Nickel plating is used on the base, which is C1100 pure copper. It can handle hot chips due to its 140W TDP rating. Read More: wrong quotes generator

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Cryorig used the Bee Hive Fin Design to create its Cryorig review cooler. The Jet Fin Acceleration tech is a combination of the Turbulence Reduction technology and Jet Fin Acceleration. 40 fins have been nickel-plat. The front features Bee Hive fins for maximum air intake. The rear fins are narrower and are bind together. The Hive Fin design has a wider intake section and narrower exhaust section that compress the air. The fins enable the air to flow more quickly as it exits the heatsink.

The Cyrorig QF120 fan is rated at 1600 RPM and has a noise level of up to 25 dBA. It also has 49 CFM. The fan comes fully equipped for the job. It draws 0.16 Amps at 12V DC. The cooler comes with a 3-year extended warranty from Cyrorig

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